Best Collapsible Water Bottles in 2020 – Reviewed

Let’s face the hard facts. Carrying an ordinary water bottle can be difficult while a runner is out on the trail. Regular bottles are big and bulky, and that makes them difficult to carry. Fortunately, there’s a new type of bottle on the scene that’s not as difficult to use. And that is the collapsible water bottle. These bottles are just the right size and can compress down to a smaller size when needed.

They also have features that make them even more useful. Features that include a leak-proof design, being made from food-grade silicone and having clips that make them easy to carry. These bottles seem to be made for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all types, and that’s why we’ve decided to review some of the best ones being made currently.

Quick Summary of Collapsible Water Bottles

 Editor’s Choice 
Anntrue Collapsible 18-Ounce Water Bottles  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Silbyloyoe Foldable Silicone Water Bottle  (review)

 Also Consider 
Hydaway 17-Ounce Collapsible Water Bottle  (review)


Anntrue Collapsible 18-Ounce Water Bottles

 Editor’s Choice 

This bottle might look like a brightly colored accordion with a straw stuck in it, but it’s actually one of the best collapsible water bottles that runners, bikers, hikers or any other outdoor enthusiasts can use to carry the water they need. These bottles are made from food-grade platinum silicone that’s safe for holding liquids up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit or extremely cold liquids without causing damage to the bottle at all. It’s this durable design that is its most exceptional feature, but it isn’t the only feature it has.

These bottles also come in one of several vibrant colors. They’re available in navy or aqua blue, pink, lilac, and light grey. These bottles are approximately 10-inches tall and can hold around 18-ounces of liquid, but they’re capable of collapsing down to half their size. That means that the bottle can collapse down to 5-inches so it can be stored away quite easily. This design allows the traveler to easily put the water bottle away after they have consumed the liquid within it.

Another thing we’d like to commend the manufacturer of these water bottles about is that these bottles are truly leak-proof. Their design allows them to seal up tightly, so the consumer never has to worry about it dripping in a saddlebag or backpack.

And because this bottle has a wide mouth, it’s easy to add water and/or ice to this bottle. And because this bottle is FDA-approved and 100% BPA-free, the runner never has to worry about whether they’re ingesting harmful chemicals when they’re drinking from this bottle.

Even though this bottle is one of the best ones available, it does have one flaw—at least, it does in our minds. Its accordion design makes it hard to clean out by hand because of all of the nooks and crannies inside it. And because the manufacturer recommends that the consumer doesn’t put it into a dishwasher, that means that they’re going to be spending some amount of time cleaning out this bottle daily.


  • It holds 18-ounces of liquid.
  • It collapses down very well.
  • It’s available in a number of brilliant colors.

  • It can be difficult to hand-wash.

Silbyloyoe Foldable Silicone Water Bottle

 Also Recommended 

This water bottle doesn’t so much as collapse as it does fold-up completely. Regardless, it is still capable of fulfilling the consumer’s portable hydration needs. This water bottle is approximately 10.2×3.1-inches but it does fold down to a very small size. If there was one thing that we didn’t like about this water bottle, and we do think that it’s a minor complaint, it’s that it’s a little bit heavier than other silicone water bottles.

This bottle weighs approximately 7.2-ounces, which is a little heavier than the next best collapsible water bottle, but it’s still worth considering by people who need to account for the weight of all of their gear.

This product is made from medical-grade and food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free. That allows the runner or any other outdoor enthusiast to use it for confidence while they’re working out. And since this bottle is leakproof, the consumer also doesn’t have to worry about it leaking in their handbag, saddlebag or backpack. It doesn’t leak because it’s equipped with a special sealing ring that provides the bottle with a super-tight seal.

Although we’ve already covered some of the major features found on this bottle, we would like to now discuss some of the other features that can be found on it. For example, it’s very easy to hang this bottle from a belt or fanny pack while the person is walking, running or hiking, and it’s soft enough that it won’t bother the user if it brushes up against them. We also liked that this bottle had a bright blue color that made it easy to spot when it’s placed in among other pieces of equipment during camping trips or while getting ready for a run.

We also liked that this product had a plastic cover over the mouthpiece. This prevents dirt, bacteria, and debris from ending up on the mouthpiece, so the runner doesn’t have to worry about cleaning it off before they drink from it.

And since this product will stand upright even when it’s only half-full, it’s easy to set on the ground or a flat surface during rests. It’s also a bottle that’s easy to clean. All of this makes this an exceptional bottle worth looking at.


  • It folds up quite well.
  • It has a leakproof design.

  • This bottle is heavier than we would’ve liked.

Hydaway 17-Ounce Collapsible Water Bottle

 Also Consider 

Even though this collapsible water bottle is more expensive than comparable models, it does have a wide array of features that should at least put it on most people’s radars. These bottles are made out of food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic that assures that the consumer isn’t drinking in toxic chemicals while they’re enjoying water from it. It also comes in an assortment of different colors such as red, green, grey, and blue, so consumers can choose the one that most fits their style.

Another thing we liked about these bottles is that they collapse very effectively down to a very slim profile. These bottles fold down to a 1.5-inch profile, so it can be easily thrown into a fanny pack or backpack when it’s empty.

It’s also worth mentioning that these bottles are extremely easy to clean. They are easy to hand-wash, or if the consumer would prefer, they can even be thrown into a dishwasher. Okay, there’s one more thing that we would like to say about these bottles. We found that these bottles turned out to be leakproof, which was a much-welcomed surprise.

As can be seen from our review, these are great bottles and almost became the number one bottle on our list. And they would’ve if they had been a little more affordable. However, if the runner or biker doesn’t mind spending the extra cash for these bottles, they are worth a try. We think the would be a great piece of equipment for hikers, runners, campers, or anyone else who needs a reliable water bottle.


  • It folds down to an amazing 1.5-inches.
  • It’s made of food-grade BPA-free silicone.
  • It’s dishwasher safe.

  • This product is more expensive than comparable bottles.

A Buyer’s Guide To Collapsible Water Bottles

With the water bottles that we selected and reviewed, we’re confident that they’re the best ones available. We think the above bottles are not only useful for runners but are useful for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time outdoors. However, we understand that the three models we’ve selected and reviewed might not fit everyone’s needs, so we decided it was proper for us to write a buyers’ guide on the subject.

In this collapsible water bottle buying guide, we’re going to go through some of the features the consumer is going to want to keep in mind before they end up buying their next collapsible bottle. By adhering to the following tips, the consumer will be able to easily buy a water bottle that suits their needs the best. So without further hesitation, let’s get started with the most important thing for the consumer to consider, and that’s the size of the water bottle.

Choose The Appropriate Bottle Size

The water capacity of the bottle is the most important thing for the consumer to think about when buying one of these bottles. Buying the right size bottle can mean the difference between remaining hydrated during a day of physical activity or running out of their water before the consumer has completed their walk, run or biking session. The size of the water bottle needed by the consumer is dependent on how much they drink during the day.

Most consumers choose a bottle in the 17-ounce range because that’s a good size that gives the consumer the amount of water they need without them having to refill it every hour. Although 17-ounces is the minimum of what consumers should consider, they can go up in size if they desire. However, they should be careful not to get too large of a collapsible water bottle because it can have a detrimental effect on the consumer’s encumbrance.

Choose The Appropriate Material

The consumer is also going to want to think about what material the bottle is made from. There are a ton of plastic or silicone models that don’t give the consumer any indication of what they’re made from or how they’re made. Those are the bottles that the consumer should avoid. Instead, the consumer should make sure that the bottle they choose is either made out of food-grade silicone or BPA-free plastic. It’s also worth making sure that any accessories that come with it that contact the mouth or the water also meet these specifications. That means BPA-free straws, lids and any other piece that might come in contact with the water. This will ensure that the consumer doesn’t get any harmful ingredients while they’re hydrating.

Consider The Bottle’s Durability

Yes, even as we’re writing this, we understand that a lot of people are going to be complaining that it can be difficult determining the durability of a water bottle—especially if the consumer purchases it online. And while we sympathize with this fact, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that the consumer can check when their shopping online to make sure they’re getting a quality product. The two best ways are to read real customer reviews who have used the product and also check to make sure that the product has a warranty. Quality cups almost always include some kind of warranty on their products, so that’s a good sign that if the manufacturer offers one, then they have confidence in their product.

Additional Accessories And/Or Features To Consider

The consumer is also going to want to take some time to think about some of the accessories and/or features they might want to consider. This includes things such as removable straws, squeeze caps, carrying clips, and so on. The consumer might also want to consider how easy the bottle is to clean. Some bottles are easy to clean and can even be thrown in a dishwasher if necessary. On the other hand, there are also water bottles that can’t be thrown in a dishwasher and have a design that’s difficult to hand-wash. That doesn’t mean that those models are bad, but they will require more work for the consumer to clean.

And Finally…Don’t Forget About Style

Before we leave all of our readers, we would like to talk about one last feature that the consumer might want to think about before purchasing the best collapsible water bottle for their needs. And that feature is the color and style of the bottle. The consumer wants to make sure that the color and style of the bottle reflects their style. Sure, water bottles are functional pieces of equipment, but that doesn’t mean that they also can’t make a fashion statement.

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