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Best Men’s Joggers in 2020 – Reviewed

Although some people consider men’s joggers to be the male equivalent of women’s workout leggings, there are, of course, some differences between the two. Leggings for men are designed with more room in the crotch area, usually have a more elastic waistband, and have more of a muted style than women’ leggings. Those are the main differences between men’s and women’s workout apparel, but they have a lot in common, too.

For example, joggers still fulfill much of the same role as leggings—which is to keep the wearer dry and comfortable during workouts. We should know because we’ve reviewed some of the best men’s joggers around and now what men should think about when choosing a pair of them. Anyone interested might want to follow along with us.

Quick Summary of Men’s Joggers

 Best Overall 
Contour Athletic’s Hyrdafit Joggers  (review)

 Best Value 
Under Armour Men’s Sportstyle Jogger  (review)

 Best Affordable 
Champion Men’s Powerblend Retro-Fleece Jogger  (review)


Contour Athletic’s Hyrdafit Joggers

 Best Overall 

Even though men’s joggers aren’t always designed to be fashionable but are instead designed to do their job well, sometimes the consumer can get lucky and find a pair that’s both functional and stylish. And this is such a pair.

These joggers are not only made to exacting standards using quality materials, but they also have a look to them that prevents the user from looking sloppy while they’re working out. And because they’re available in one of four different colors, the consumer can choose one that fits their style.

These joggers are available in blue, maroon, olive or navy. Like we said, however, these pants are more than just a pretty face. They’re also made to be comfortable and durable as well. They’re made with a waistband that’s 23% spandex for a custom fit, ankle cuffs that conform to the shape of the wearer’s legs, and they’re made with a spandex/polyester blend that flexes with the wearer’s movement. And they’re even equipped with zippered pockets, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about losing their valuables while they’re working out.

Even though these joggers are some of the more expensive ones we’ve placed on this list, they are as good (or maybe even better), then the designed men’s joggers that cost nearly four times as much as these do. These pants are lightweight, allow air to circulate around the wearer’s lower body, and have a silky feel to them.

They’re also extremely durable, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about whether these joggers are going to hold up to their daily exercise routine. In our opinion, we feel that these joggers can withstand just about anything the wearer can throw at them and keep on going strong. We were extremely pleased with their performance and believe them to be the best workout pants we’ve seen in quite some time.


  • They are some of the most comfortable joggers around.
  • They’re made with quality materials.
  • They come in stylish colors.

  • They cost more than some other men’s joggers.

Under Armour Men’s Sportstyle Jogger

 Best Value 

Under Armor is a company that’s well known for creating high-quality athletic apparel, so it wasn’t surprising to us that they made these quality joggers for men. This product is made out of 100% polyester, which makes it extremely durable and is made with a knit that allows sweat to dry quickly, so moisture isn’t held against the athlete’s skin for long periods. This means that it’s also exceptionally comfortable, so whether they’re used for workouts or for lounging around the house, the wearer will feel like they’re in the lap of luxury.

Another great feature found on these joggers is that they have a ribbed waistband that conforms to the waist well and has an external drawcord. Each pair also has left pockets and hand pockets with an internal right-side pocket for holding a phone. And they’re completed with ribbed cuffs and tapered legs that allow them to look as good as they feel.

And speaking of looks, it’s also worth mentioning that these sweat pants are also available in a variety of exciting colors. Some of the colors that the consumer can buy these men’s joggers in include carbon heather, black, silt brown, American or academy blue, tan, moss green, grey heather, and petrol blue.

Overall, we liked these joggers and thought that most men would benefit from owning one or two pairs of them. However, there was one flaw that we didn’t like about them and that was how lax the crotch was. Sure, we understand that joggers are supposed to be a little looser in men’s joggers than they are in women’s leggings, but these were a little bit too saggy for our tastes.

We still enjoyed wearing them, but we certainly felt that they could’ve tightened up the crotch area a little bit. Of course, some people might like the fact that they’re looser in the crotch than most sweatpants, so ultimately, it will be up to the consumer to decide for themselves.


  • They’re extremely durable.
  • They’re extremely comfortable.
  • They come in stylish colors.

  • The crotch is a little bit too loose.

Champion Men’s Powerblend Retro-Fleece Jogger

 Best Affordable 

These Champion men’s joggers might seem like a throwback to the sweatpants of the past, but they have a few features we liked and they were comfortable to wear. These joggers are made of a combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and are machine washable so they can be just tossed in the washer after workouts. They’re also equipped with an elastic waistband, tapered legs that have cinched cuffs and side pockets.

These pants have on-seam pockets and are available in several exciting colors as well. Consumers can buy these joggers in black, granite heather, hiker green, cherry red, maroon, navy heather, and Oxford grey. It is also worth mentioning that these men’s joggers are also inexpensive. They are so reasonably priced that there’s no reason why an athlete couldn’t buy several pairs of these pants for workouts or for simply lounging around the house.

The one thing that we didn’t like about these pants was that they tended to pill a bit, especially in areas where there might be some rubbing. They didn’t pill as much as some of the bargain basement joggers tend to do, but they do pill more than some of the higher-quality sweat pants we’ve reviewed. If that’s a big deal, then the consumer might want to spend a little bit more and buy one of the better joggers available. However, for most people, we think that they can deal with it quite easily.

Keeping all of its features and limitations clearly in mind, we think that these joggers are decent for workouts, but the consumer shouldn’t expect them to be the highest quality ones available because they simply aren’t. The main benefit to consumers is that they’re comfortable and inexpensive—unfortunately, they’re just not as durable as some of the more expensive men’s joggers.


  • These men’s joggers are affordable.
  • They come in nice colors.

  • These joggers’ material tends to pill.

A Guide To Buying Men’s Joggers

When we reviewed men’s joggers we tried to find the ones that were not only the most durable and most comfortable but were also the most stylish. We did that by considering everything from the materials the sweatpants are made from, as well as how they’re designed from the waist to the ankle cuffs. After reviewing the ones we felt were the best, however, we decided that we needed to also write a guide on the subject. And that’s precisely what we did. This guide is designed to provide our readers with the information they need to buy the best men’s joggers for them.

Consider The Materials

The first thing that the consumer should do is to consider the materials they want their men’s joggers to be made from. In our opinion, the best joggers for men were the ones that were made out of 100% polyester or a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend. We felt both of those provided the user with the comfort and durability they needed. Of course, the 100% polyester is the most durable material available, but the 50/50 blend tends to usually be the most comfortable. It’s up to the consumer to decide whether they prioritize comfort over durability and vice-versa.

Consider The Fit

The consumer is also going to want to make sure that they take the fit of the sweatpants in mind. This means that the consumer should measure their waist and leg length and buy a pair of men’s joggers that fit their dimensions. When trying to buy a pair of sweatpants, the consumer is also going to want to consider that men’s joggers are supposed to be looser around the thighs and crotch than other types of pants. The legs of the joggers should also taper from the knee down to the ankle. This will allow the joggers to conform to the legs of the consumer while they’re working out. It’s also a good idea that the ankle cuffs should have elastic. This will keep them where they should be and help to prevent them from hiking up while the person is working out.

Consider The Number Of Pockets

Another thing the consumer is going to want to consider is the number of pockets to be found on the joggers. Some people prefer joggers that have no pockets whatsoever, while others may want a variety of pockets for carrying their wallet and/or keys while they’re working out. Some joggers are even equipped with inside pockets for cell phones—much like the way many women’s leggings have started doing over the past few years.

Consider Other Features

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to think about some of the other features that they might need their sweatpants to have. Do they need a drawcord or adjustable waistband? Do they need zippered pockets? These are all things that the consumer is going to want to think about as they move forward toward determining which sweatpants are right for their needs and their workouts.

Consider The Manufacturer

The consumer might also want to think about who manufacturers their men’s joggers. Although whether the consumer recognizes the name of the manufacturer doesn’t necessarily mean the product is a good one, the consumer should take the time to consider some of the other products manufactured by the company. Is the company known for manufacturing quality apparel, or are they known for making inferior products? Weeding out the manufacturers that the consumer knows doesn’t make quality products is a good way for them to narrow the field.

Color Is Important, Too!

So far, we’ve only talked about the fit and function of the men’s joggers, but it’s worth stating that style is important as well. Well, it might not be that important for people lounging around their home, but for athletes who go to the gym or out for a run, then it’s probably extremely important for the wearer to choose a pair of joggers that not only are durable and comfortable but also colorful as well. Fortunately, consumers have the choice of just about any color in the rainbow, which makes allows them to find that perfect pair of men’s joggers for their style.

One Final Thought On The Subject

Although this guide didn’t dive into every single option that can be found on the dozens upon dozens of men’s joggers being sold, we did cover some of the features and options that consumers should spend their time considering. If the consumer thinks carefully about the fit, the material, the features and the color of their pants, then they will end up with the best men’s joggers for them. Having said that, we hope that all of our readers take the time to consider these features so they can buy a pair that’s right for them.

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