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Best Running Hats in 2020 – Reviewed

An often overlooked piece of running equipment is the hat. A good hat not only protects the wearer’s head from rain but also protects their head from UV exposure. And as many people know by now, UV exposure has been linked to skin damage, eye damage, and even the development of various skin cancers. Fortunately, a hat can protect the runner from this harmful ultraviolet radiation, so they can get their miles in while protecting their face and head. We think that this is such a vital piece of equipment, that we’ve decided to review the best running hats available.

Quick Summary of Running Hats

 Best Men’s Hat 
Under Armour Men’s Armour Vent Cap  (review)
 Best Women’s Hat 
Trail Heads Race-Day Women’s Running Hat  (review)

 Best Affordable 
Trail Heads Race Day Performance Running Hat  (review)


Under Armour Men’s Armour Vent Cap

 Best Men’s Hat 

When runners select a hat, they are looking for a piece of apparel that’s comfortable, allows for proper air circulation around their head, and protects their face from sunlight. Most of the time, they’re also looking for a hat that’s sleek and has a low profile to it. So, it’s probably a good thing that this running hat for men checks off all of those boxes. Among runners who choose this hat, it becomes an important piece of equipment no one wants to leave the house without.

This hat is made from a quality polyester material that holds its shape well and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily workouts. It features a pre-curved visor that does a great job of shading the eyes and face from the sun, and it has unstructured front panels that allow for a low profile fit. And because this hat is equipped with Armour-Vent Technology—a proprietary technology that allows air to circulate around the head—runners don’t have to worry about the inside of their hat becoming overly sweaty.

The material that this hat is made from is also extremely lightweight and stretchy, so it provides a very comfortable fit. The material is also fast-drying, so it’s easier to dry out after those intense summer running sessions. Other features that can be found on this hat include a hook and loop closure that’s adjustable for that perfect fit and reflective taping and logo for increased visibility during night runs.

Before we conclude this review, it’s probably worth a mention that these hats are available in one of three different colors. They’re available in red, black or teal. That allows the runner to choose the one that best suits their style. All things considered, we feel that these are not only the best men’s running hats currently available, but we also think that they’re the best hats overall. These are hats that are sure to provide the runner with many, many miles of comfort and functionality.


  • It’s a very nice looking hat.
  • It fits well and is adjustable.
  • It has a low-profile fit.

  • None.

Trail Heads Race-Day Women’s Running Hat

 Best Women’s Hat 

This women’s running hat is designed to be the perfect workout companion for any runner. It’s designed to be a stylish and lightweight hat with a dark underbill and durable construction that allows it to hold up for one run after another. It’s a hat that not only keeps the sun out of the runner’s eyes but also allows air to circulate around their crown so their head doesn’t get overly sweaty. And it was a hat that we couldn’t wait to review because of all of the good things we’ve heard about it.

The first thing that we’d like to talk about is how these hats are constructed. They’re designed with a polyester mesh construction that wicks moisture away from the wearer’s head and allows air to circulate freely. This material is also very robust and holds up better than hats that are made from cotton. And because this hat is made with polyester instead of cotton, it can easily be washed without the wearer worrying about it shrinking. All they have to do is hand wash it in cold water or machine wash it on the delicate cycle.

These hats also only weigh 2-ounces, so many runners forget they’re even wearing a hat. Other people won’t forget the wearer has a hat on, however, thanks to their vibrant color. These hats are available in one of several different colors including pink, purple, seafoam, white, black, blue and green. These are one-size-fits-all hats that are stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day long. They also do a good job of keeping hair tucked up inside as the runner runs.

As great as these hats are, however, there is one thing about these hats that some runners might not like. That fact is that these hats have a visor that might be too large for the tastes of some people. Although we didn’t have a problem with it, it is pronounced and we can easily see how some runners might take issue with it. It’s just something that runners might want to think about before they choose one of these hats.


  • This hat is comfortable and functional.
  • It allows air to circulate around the head.
  • It comes in a variety of different colors.

  • The brim might be a little large for some women.

Trail Heads Race Day Performance Running Hat

 Best Affordable 

These lightweight and colorful sports caps are not only very affordable for just about anyone, but they also have the features that many runners look for out of a hat. They’re lightweight, weighing only about 2-ounces, and they come in a variety of different colors including orange, navy, black, charcoal, white and red. They are also made out of a polyester mesh fabric that does a decent job of wicking sweat away from the wearer’s head—although it doesn’t do it as effectively as the other two hats we’ve reviewed.

These hats also have a reflective quality to them that allows the wearer to be easily seen during evening runs. These hats also have an adjustable fit that allows them to be worn by just about anyone–even individuals with heads that are slightly larger than average. Probably the best thing about these hats is that they do a good job of allowing heat to escape and air to circulate around the wearer’s head. This keeps the runner more comfortable during summer runs.

Another thing that makes these hats a winner in our book is that these hats are inexpensive. They’re a great budget hat for people who want to buy several hats and don’t want to have to spend a small fortune to do it. This is probably one of the main benefits that these hats provide runners. We know that we appreciated it’s low-cost and we have absolutely no problems recommending these hats to anyone who needs a running hat.


  • It’s very lightweight and comfortable.
  • It’s an inexpensive running hat.
  • It comes in several different colors.

  • It can get sweaty after intense summer runs.

A Guide To Running Hats

Although some people consider baseball and sports caps to be more of a fashion statement than a utilitarian piece of equipment, the opposite is true as far as running hats are concerned. These hats are designed to keep the weather off of the runner’s head and keep the sun out of their eyes. Running in the rain or during the summer would be a real pain without these hats, so many runners consider them to be one of their most important pieces of equipment. And as such, the runner should take great care in purchasing the best running hat for their needs.

How does the runner choose the best hat for running? First, they have to consider their needs and then compare those needs against some of the features that can be found on these hats. Because not everyone is a hat expert, we decided to write this guide on the subject. We hope that this guide serves as a road map for runners who are looking to buy the perfect hat. There’s a lot of different hats out there, so the runner should give our guide a test run and see if it answers their hat-related questions.

Choose A Hat Style

Let’s begin our journey by thinking about some of the hat styles available. Although it was a conscious decision of ours to select visor hats as the best ones, some people might prefer to wear a different type of hat. We respect that decision, so below are some of the hats that runners might come across as their searching for a hat.

Visor Hats

As we’ve said, these hats are our favorites because they allow for the best air circulation and the visor helps to shield the eyes against the sun. That makes these hats suitable for running in warmer weather. However, that doesn’t mean that these hats aren’t without their drawbacks. A big drawback of many of them is that they’re made of mesh or have a large back opening that allows in moisture while running in the rain.

Skull Caps

Skull caps, or beanies as some people call them, are another type of hat that’s preferred by many runners. These hats are easy to put on and have a very slim profile to them. A drawback to some of these hats is that they tend to be too loose and slip off the head. therefore, the runner really needs to do their homework when choosing one.

Think About The Hat’s Material

It’s also important for the consumer to think about what the hat is made from. If the runner needs to wear the hat during hot summer conditions, then they should probably choose a hat that handles heat management well. This can mean that the hat is equipped with ventilation holes or is made of mesh that allows air to properly circulate. If the runner needs the hat for colder or rainier conditions, then they might want to make sure it has the insulation they need it to have. Regardless of which type of hat the runner chooses, however, they should ensure that the inner lining of the hat is capable of wicking away sweat. That will ensure that the runner’s head stays dry and comfortable during their run.

Think About The Hat’s Bill

Of course, this section is only for runners who choose a visor hat, so if the runner needs a skullcap, then they might want to skip this section. When choosing a billed hat, the runner should decide whether they want a pre-curved one or if they want one that they have to break in and bend to their needs. Either one works well, but pre-curved hats generally require less adjustment when first being worn. The runner is also going to want to make sure that the visor is long enough to shade their eyes during runs and has a dark-color underside that doesn’t easily reflect sunlight and hides sweat stains better.

Is The Hat Reflective?

It’s also important for the runner to think about how reflective they need the hat to be. If the runner only runs during the day, then this is unlikely to be an important consideration, but for runners who are going to be running in the evening or at night, then it’s vital they get a reflective hat. Fortunately, many running hat manufacturers make their products with reflective stitching, taping, and/or logos, so the runner is easier to see at night. It’s also a good idea for night runners to purchase a hat in a fluorescent color that stands out. Colors such as orange, green, and yellow work well for this purpose.

Other Worthwhile Considerations

Before we go, we like to list a few more things that the runner might want to think about before purchasing their next running hat. The following features are optional, but they do make the hat easier to use in our opinion.

  • Lightweight Design
  • Adjustable Band
  • A Built-In Sweat Band
  • A Built-In Pony Tail Holder

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