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Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints in 2020 – Reviewed

Runners who experience a dull throb and ache after they run may be suffering from a painful condition known as shin splints. This condition affects runners of all ages and body types and is caused by either a defect in the runner’s foot or the individual trying to run in the wrong shoes. Fortunately, both of these problems can be solved easily by the runner buying the right kind of shoes. To help our readers achieve that goal, we’ve selected and reviewed the best running shoe for shin splints that are currently available. Any of the following shoes will enable runners to relieve their pain and get back to enjoying their rungs again.

Quick Summary of Running Shoes For Shin Splints

 Editor’s Choice 
ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes  (review)

 Also Recommended 
ASICS Women’s Dynaflyte 2 Running Shoes  (review)

 Also Consider 
Under Armour Women’s Charged Assert 8  (review)


ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

 Editor’s Choice 

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus are running shoes that many people wear because they’re extremely comfortable, but there is more to these shoes than comfort. They’re designed to support the wearer’s foot, which leads to them being extremely comfortable, but also means that they’re the best running shoes for shin-splints available. They’re packed with features that help align the wearer’s foot in the best way possible, and with a better-aligned foot comes less shin splint pain.

When it comes to these shoes, it all starts with it Flytefoam Propel Technology. This piece of essential shoe tech helps the shoe to deliver a high-energy return that allows for a more comfortable run and acts as a sort of a shock-absorber. It keeps ground impacts from traveling through the feet and into the legs, so the runner doesn’t feel like they have to adjust their foot as they run. This is a key piece in helping the runner maintain a proper foot alignment.

Another thing we’d like to talk about on these shoes is that it fits better than most of the other running shoes available. It allows for more room in the forefoot and uses a heel clutching system that provides foot support and properly aligns the arch of the foot. These shoes are also extremely lightweight, so the runner doesn’t feel bogged down by the size and weight of the shoes.

Even though all of this makes these excellent shoes for runners suffering from shin splints, these shoes aren’t all about form. They’re also stylish, so even runners who don’t have any legs problems can use these shoes and know that they look good and are well designed. They have reflective materials incorporated into their design so they’re more visible during low-light conditions. These shoes also feature a durable rubber outsole that helps to make them more durable and hold up better to daily running.


  • They are the best shoes for shin splints.
  • They’re comfortable and stylish.

  • They cost more than other types of running shoes.

ASICS Women’s Dynaflyte 2 Running Shoes

 Also Recommended 

ASICS is a shoe brand that has built on the success of its original Dyna-Flyte shoe and has made them even better. The original shoes were designed to help the runner gain the speed and running performance they need, and this version of the shoe has built upon that concept. As a result, these shoes not only offer up better-running performance to the runner but also helps them avoid the problem of shin-splints, so they can keep running without having to stop.

What makes these shoes different from other types of running shoes is that they’re made with some of the best shoe technology available. They’re equipped with Flyte Foam technology that acts as a shock absorber and helps to make the runner feel like she’s running on a cloud of air. This midsole technology is capable of performing this feat by utilizing organic super fibers that help to reduce packing out and provide a better run.

Another thing that makes these shoes great is that they’re made with an Ortholite X-40 Sockliner that provides better rebound properties than traditional sock liners. These sock liners also help to promote proper air circulation and therefore, they provide excellent moisture management. And since these shoes have a seamless construction, there’s no seams or stitches to irritate the runner’s foot as they run. What makes these shoes exceptional is that they use a guidance line midsole that helps to properly align the foot and allows for an improved gait efficiency.

It’s also worth mentioning that these shoes are also good looking shoes. They have a nice style, and they’re available in a number of beautiful colors. These colors include blue-purple, indigo blue, black/white carbon, grey/arctic aqua, white/yellow, coral, apricot, black/hot pink, and black/pink/Persian jewel blue.

Taking all of these features into consideration, it’s quite easy to see that these shoes not only provide the support that runners need, especially when dealing with shin splints, but also has the style that sets it apart from all of the other running shoes available.


  • They’re extremely durable and stylish.
  • They’re great for shin splints.

  • These shoes run a little bit bigger than average.

Under Armour Women’s Charged Assert 8

 Also Consider 

A lot of shoes that are designed to deal with shin splints do so by making sure that the foot is aligned in the best way possible to improve the runner’s gait. These shoes aren’t designed to do that, however, and instead provide runners with a balance of cushioning and flexibility. These shoes are designed to provide the support the runner needs to help prevent ground impacts from traveling through the foot and up through the legs.

These shoes are made with a lightweight mesh upper that allows the foot to breathe and is printed with a beautiful and colorful design. They’re also made with a leather overlay that locks in the midfoot and makes the foot a little more stable. It also has an ECA sock-liner that’s comfortable, soft and easy to run in. What makes these shoes exceptional, however, is that they’re made with a midsole that uses compression molded foam to provide the bounce the runner needs to remain comfortable.

Because of the way these shoes are designed, they’re not just right for runners with shin splints, but they’re also right for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time on their feet. They help to cradle the foot so that the person wearing them is always comfortable. Allowing the runner to remain comfortable prevents the runner from developing the type of gait that might harm their runs, so they don’t develop shin splints in the first place.

It should be mentioned that these shoes are not only comfortable but also are good looking, too. They’re available in beautiful colors that include atlas green, black, halo grey, pitch grey, and white. Before we conclude this review, we should probably say that we did have one problem with these shoes and that problem was that they ran a bit small. This can make them tight for some runners, so that’s something they should consider before purchasing a pair.


  • These shoes are inexpensive.
  • They provide excellent support.

  • These shoes run a little small.

A Guide To Running Shoes For Shin Splints

As we researched this guide, we realized that shin splints are probably one of the biggest problems that runners face. If not properly addressed by using the right running shoes, or in some cases seeking medical attention, shin splints can be a truly debilitating condition. That’s why we’ve decided to not only research the best running shoes for shin splints but also take some time to give our readers the practical information they need to address this situation.

What Are Shin Splints And What Causes Them?

We’re going to begin this guide by talking about the condition itself. Shin splints, also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, is the inflammation of the connective tissues that attach the legs muscles to the shinbone. This problem can occur for a variety of reasons including overpronation of the feet, wearing shoes that don’t properly support the feet, having an underdeveloped core, intense strenuous activity without proper rest, and working out without a proper warm-up or cool-down period. Fortunately, most of the time, shin splints aren’t a serious problem and it usually goes away on its own. However, the runner should always seek the medical advice of their doctor if the problem persists to make sure that the shin-splints aren’t concealing a more serious injury.

Buying The Right Shoes For Shin Splints

Now that we’ve addressed what shin splints are and some of the problems that can lead to it, we’ve decided it was a good time to talk about what the runner should look for when they’re purchasing a new pair of running shoes for shin splints. Below are some of the things that runners should consider before they decide on a pair of shoes.

Make Sure They Fit Properly

The first thing that the runner is going to want to keep in mind is to find a shoe that properly fits their feet. They will want to make sure they measure their feet properly and then buy the shoes that will fit them. They should also keep in mind that some brands are shoes either run a little small or a little bit big, so for these brands they may have to go up a half size or go down a half size to get the right fit. A proper fitting shoe is one of the best ways to avoid an improper gait that can lead to shin splints.

Make Sure They Provide The Proper Support

It’s also extremely important for the runner to consider the support the shoe provides. Although they do want to make sure that the shoe is flexible enough to flex with their foot as they run, they should also make sure it provides the support necessary to keep the foot stable. Shoes that have the right amount of support not only keep the foot properly aligned during runs, but they also act like shock absorbers that can absorb the ground impacts that occur naturally from running.

Make Sure They Breathe Properly

Although the ability of a shoe to breathe doesn’t impact shin splints one way or another, it does make the shoes more comfortable to wear. Without this ventilation, shoes can feel hot and stuffy, so its important for the runner to make sure that the shoe is capable of breathing.

Make Sure They’re Well Constructed

It’s also extremely important for the runner to think about how the shoe is constructed. If the shoe is poorly constructed, then it will begin to fall apart relatively quickly and that will lead to a breakdown of its structural integrity that may lead to the runner being exposed to injury. Therefore, the runner should make sure that the shoes have a thick and durable outsole, have a well-constructed midsole and are equipped with a proper sock-liner.

Some Tips For Avoiding Shin Splints

Now that we’ve gone over the best running shoes for shin splints, as well as how to purchase them, we’ve decided to go ahead and list some tips that will help the runner avoid shin splints. After all, it’s not all about the shoes, the runner also has to use proper form and take the proper precautions to avoid shin splints as well.  With that being said, the following tips will help runners avoid the dreaded shin splints when they run.

  • Warm-Up & Cool Down Properly
  • Start Intense Runs Slowly At First
  • Stretch Before Going On A Run
  • Add Strength training To Improve Your Core
  • See Your Doctor If Irritation Persists

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