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Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet in 2020 – Reviewed

Runners with wide feet no how difficult it can be to find a pair of shoes that fit them properly and provides the support their feet need. Most of the running shoes manufactured today have a smaller toe box that can cause problems with people who have wide feet. Problems that include everything from minor discomfort, bunions or in extreme situations, toe deformation. We don’t feel that anyone should suffer from those problems, and that’s why we’ve decided to try and find the best running shoes for wide feet. Below are the shoes that we feel are the best for wide feet.

Quick Summary of Running Shoes For Wide Feet

 Editor’s Choice 
Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoes  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Whitin Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner Shoes  (review)

 Also Consider 
ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7  (review)


Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Running Shoes

 Editor’s Choice 

With more people saying that these shoes fit as expected than any other type of shoe, and with sizes ranging from 7-wide through 15X-wide, this is one of the best running shoes for wide feet that’s ever been made. This shoe is specifically designed for runners whose foot sizes don’t match up properly with most of the shoes being manufactured nowadays. And they manage to do it while being a lightweight shoe that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or control.

These shoes are designed with a new type of mesh and using 3D Fit Print technology to create a shoe that just about disappears when it’s worn. What we mean by that statement is that these shoes comfortable aligns itself to the curves of the wearer’s foot and they don’t pinch the way that other shoes tend to do. They’re also designed with a larger toe box, so the runner doesn’t feel that their feet are being compressed within the confines of the shoes.

Another thing that we liked about these shoes was that they had a soft cushioning that was well-balanced and didn’t interfere with the natural movement of the wearer’s foot. This was especially noticeable when the shoe was used during intense running or workout routines. Instead of compressing against or constricting the foot during these situations, the material flexed to give the runner the freedom of movement that he needs to power through any workout.

It’s also worth noting that these shoes are also very nice looking. They have a nice style to them and are available in an assortment of different colors. Some of the colors of these shoes include navy, black, white, black/blue, red/black, ebony flannel, red flannel, chocolate, and grey.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s easy to see why so many people with wider than average feet choose these shoes. Sure, they’re a little more expensive than comparable shoes, but their fit and construction make them more than worth it.


  • They’re designed for wide feet.
  • They’re well made and comfortable.
  • They have a nice design to them.

  • These shoes cost more than some other running shoes.

Whitin Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner Shoes

 Also Recommended 

At first glance, these shoes may look like just another pair of minimalist shoes that are designed to make the wearer feel like they’re going barefoot. And by most definitions, they completely are. However, they’re also something more than that. They’re also a pair of shoes that are meet all of the criteria a shoe needs to meet for it to qualify for our list of the best running shoes for wide feet. From the toe box to its sole, it seems like these shoes are designed for people with bigger feet.

The first thing we’d like to note about these shoes is the fact that they have a nice wide toe box. These shoes’ toe boxes don’t bunch up the toes the way that ordinary running shoes can do. This allows the wearer to spread out their toes, which leads to improved comfort and stability. These shoes are also available in sizes from 7 through 15, so the consumer can choose a size that fits their feet perfectly.

Another thing that we liked about these shoes was the fact that they had a neutral heel to toe drop. This puts less strain on the joints of the ankle and the knees and also helps the runner to maintain a healthier posture. And because these shoes have a thinner sole than conventional tennis shoes, they allow the runner to feel the ground as they move. This gives the runner a more natural feel and helps them to maximize their workouts.

These shoes not only function and fit well, however. They look good as well. They’re available with a very stylish design and are available in a wide assortment of different colors. Runners can buy these shoes in black, black/grey, blue, orange, white, black camo, green, army green, or grey/gum. That allows the runner to express their style as they enjoy the fit and comfort of these shoes.


  • They fit wide feet exceptionally well.
  • They’re available in an assortment of colors.

  • They don’t have a lot of padding.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 7

 Also Consider 

Even though the toe box on these shoes is a little tighter than we would’ve liked, these are otherwise great running shoes for wide feet. They give the rest of the foot the ability to spread out and they’re made with high-quality components. They have a lace-up closure that provides for a secure fit, is made with a fabric lining that helps to keep the foot dry and have durable uppers that are made from a combination of mesh and synthetic leather.

What’s exceptional about these shoes, however, is their ability to stabilize the wearer’s foot. Their internal heel helps to keep the foot in line while the runner is out doing their thing. They’re also equipped with an Ortholite sock liner that provides the foot with plenty of cushion and mods to their foot for additional comfort. The Ortholite sock liner also helps to manage moisture in the shoe, so the runner’s foot is always comfortable.

These shoes are available in sizes from 5-wide through 12-wide, so most runners will be able to find the size that best fits their foot. It also should be mentioned that these shoes are equipped with rearfoot gel technology that helps to attenuate shock during runs and allows the runner to make a smooth transition from the impact portion of the run to the midstance portion of the run.

The last thing that we would like to mention about these shoes is that they have a nice style to them and are available in an assortment of different colors. Runners can buy these shoes in colors that include black, carrier grey, sheetrock, blue, chili flake, peacoat, and flake green. So there’s a color that matches just about any runner’s style and attitude. These are shoes that fit well, function well and look great.


  • These shoes are extremely well made.
  • They have a nice wide fit.

  • Their toe box is a little too tight.

A Guide To Buying Running Shoes For Wide Feet

We think that we’ve gone over some of the best running shoes for wide feet, so we’d like to turn our attention to providing all of our readers with the information they need to choose a pair of shoes that will fit their feet. Below are some things that our readers might want to consider when they’re buying their next pair of shoes.

Measure Your Shoe Size

The first step to buying a wide shoe is for the runner to determine their shoe size. This is true even if they just sized shoes a few years ago. That’s because shoe size changes over time, so the runner should make sure that they measure it every once in a while to keep their shoe sizing accurate. They should also make sure to measure their feet in the evening. During a day, a person’s feet begin to swell, so if they measure it in the evening they will get a more accurate reading. Below are the steps the runner should take to get an accurate shoe measurement.

Steps To Measuring The Foot

  • Place a piece of paper on the floor.
  • Stand on the paper while wearing medium-thickness socks.
  • Hold a pencil vertically and place a mark at the end of the heel.
  • Place an additional mark at the tip of the longest toe.
  • Using the pencil, mark the sides of the foot.
  • Measure the heel to toe markings and write down the measurement.
  • Measure the marks between the widest part of the foot.
  • Use a shoe size chart to convert the length and width to shoe size and width.
  • If their measurement is between sizes, then round up towards the larger size.

A Sample Shoe Size Chart

Although the following shoe size chart isn’t a full chart, it will give the consumer a basic understanding of how to read a shoe size chart to determine the shoe size. However, unless the following measurements accurately reflect the runner’s shoe size, then they’re probably going to have to find a full-size shoe size chart to size up their feet.

Heel To Toe Length To U.S Sizes

  • 12-Inch Heel To Toe Length Equals U.S Size 14
  • 12-5/16-Inch Heel To Toe Length Equals U.S Size 15
  • 12-11/16-Inch Heel To Toe Length Equals U.S Size 16

Foot Width To Shoe Width

  • Size 12 Shoe With 4.5-Inch Width Equals Medium Width
  • Size 12 Shoe With 4-7/8-Inch Width Equals 2E Width
  • Size 12 Shoe With 5.25-Inch Width Equals 4E Width

What Should My Shoe Width Be?

When a person is choosing the length of their shoes, then they have a pretty good idea of what they need. All they have to do is to measure their foot and they will know whether they need a size 12 or size 13 shoe. Although the consumer can theoretically do the same when they’re trying to determine their shoe width, it’s still not as cut and dried as shoe length. Some people feel like they need a wider shoe, but sometimes they merely straddle the line between the average shoe width and wide width. On the other hand, some people truly would benefit from a wide width shoe for running in.

How can a person decide whether they need a wide shoe or not? Well, after they measure their foot and determine they need a wide shoe, then they can consider how their standard shoes fit to determine if they need a wide. If they try their regular shoe on and their feet hang over the foam in the midsole, or the sides of the shoe feel restrictive, then they probably do need a wide shoe. On the other hand, if the shoe slips in the collar, then a wide shoe might not be right for them.

Consider The Shoe Brand

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is the brand of the shoes they’re thinking of buying. Now, we don’t want to disparage off-brand shoes needlessly, but the fact of the matter is that their sizing tends to be off a little bit. They tend to either too narrow or to have too narrow of a toe box. If the consumer wants to make sure that they get the best fitting shoe possible, then they’re going to want to make sure they buy a brand name shoe. Some of the major name brands currently making high-quality wide shoes include the following companies.

  • Brooks
  • Whitin
  • Adidas
  • Under Armour
  • New Balance

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