Best Shoe Deodorizers in 2020 – Reviewed

Unfortunately, a lot of people all over the world suffer from smelly feet. Some people have a natural disposition to having less-than-fresh smelling feet and some people stink up their shoes thanks to their busy lifestyles or workouts. It’s not something that people should feel embarrassed about, and that’s for sure. However, it is something that consumers should try to be proactive about to minimize the impact it has on their lives. That’s why we’ve decided to review the best shoe deodorizers, so our readers don’t have to give it any more thought than necessary, and can quickly return to their normal lives without worrying about it.

Quick Summary of Shoe Deodorizers

 Best Overall 
Foot Sense Natural Deodorizer Powder  (review)

 Best Liquid Spray Deodorizer 
Lumi Outdoors Natural Deodorizer Spray  (review)

 Best Overnight Deodorizer Pouches 
Non-Scents Odor Eliminator & Deodorizer  (review)

 Best Kid’s Shoe Deodorizer 
Silly Feet Magic Shoe Deodorizing Powder  (review)

 Best Affordable 
Sof Sole Fresh-Fogger Deodorizer Spray  (review)


Foot Sense Natural Deodorizer Powder

 Best Overall 

Even though we would’ve liked that this foot deodorizer powder had come in a bottle larger than 3.5-ounces, we do have to say that we think it’s one of the most effective deodorizing powders that we’ve ever dried. It’s an extra-strength formula that can be easily used not only on dress shoes and sneakers but on any piece of equipment that smells. That means it can be used for dance shoes, athletic equipment, and even hockey pads or goalie gloves if necessary. With a few sprinkles of this product, people can say goodbye to shoes and athletic equipment odors.

This product contains zinc oxide in its formulation, and this ingredient is well known for its anti-fungal properties. This product also has several ingredients that not only help to neutralize odors and absorb moisture but also help to control fungi and bacteria. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this powder include arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, lemon powder, cinnamon bark powder, silicon dioxide, and lavender essential oil. All of this comes together in some mysterious way to make one of the best shoe deodorizers that we have ever had the opportunity to use.


  • This powder smells very nice.
  • It works very effectively.

  • It’s only 3.5-ounces of powder per bottle.

Lumi Outdoors Natural Deodorizer Spray

 Best Liquid Spray Deodorizer 

Before we tried this shoe deodorizer, we have to admit that we hadn’t had much success with liquid sprays for deodorizing the insides of shoes. Most of the time, they’re ineffective at actually arresting shoe odors, or if they manage to do a good job, then they tend to cause some foot irritation. So it was with much trepidation that we decided to try this product. We weren’t exactly sure if it was going to work, but fortunately, once we tried it, we realized it was an effective product at reducing shoe odors.

This product is completely natural and safe, meaning that it won’t cause foot irritation or other unintended problems. It’s made in the United States by a family company and uses essential oils as its main odor-fighting component. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this formula include witch hazel, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, clove leaf oil, apple cider vinegar, and lemongrass oil. The ingredients that won’t be found in it include formaldehyde and parabens. This makes this natural deodorizer one worth trying.


  • This product has a pleasant scent.
  • It gets rid of shoe odor quickly.

  • The spray mists at too wide of an angle.

Non-Scents Odor Eliminator & Deodorizer

 Best Overnight Deodorizer Pouches 

These shoe deodorizers are unlike many of the other ones on this list. Instead of being a powder or a liquid, it’s more of a satchel that the consumer places into their shoe overnight. That means that this is not a product that can be added to the shoe before the person puts on their shoes and leaves their home. No, it’s a product that the user has to plan on using, and it does require a full night of use for it to reach full effect. This might cause it to be a non-starter for people who want something a little faster acting.

If the consumer places this product in their shoe every night before they go to bed, however, they will end up with nicer smelling shoes than if they had not used it, to begin with. We’re not saying it’s the most powerful or quickest method of deodorizing shoes, but it does have its place in a shoe deodorizing regimen. This product is fragrance-free and non-toxic, can be taken virtually anywhere easily, and is good for not only shoes but also lockers and gym bags as well.


  • It deodorizes shoes effectively.

  • It has to be left overnight to fully work.

Silly Feet Magic Shoe Deodorizing Powder

 Best Kid’s Shoe Deodorizer 

Even though this product isn’t as powerful as an adult shoe deodorizer, and may not be powerful enough for children with really stinky feet, for most children this product is going to do a good job of dealing with foot odor. It has a light bubble gum scent that most kids love, and the product starts working as soon as it’s added to the shoes. This product also comes in an 8-ounce bottle that’s easy to sprinkle, and it also spreads evenly.

This product is also manufactured in the U.S from quality ingredients and is 100% talc-free. It’s also a product that’s safe to use on leather, suede, cotton, mesh, rubber, nylon, or just about any other material that shoes are made out of. And because the company that makes this product believes in socially responsible packaging, the bottle that this powder is contained in is recyclable and eco-friendly. All of this makes this shoe powder a welcome addition for any parent looking to curb their child’s foot odor.


  • It has a pleasant bubble gum scent to it.
  • It won’t irritate children’s feet

  • Not as powerful as an adult shoe deodorizer.

Sof Sole Fresh-Fogger Deodorizer Spray

 Best Affordable 

Even though the consumer is going to need to be careful using this product because it is both a skin and eye irritant, if it’s used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then it does an amazing job of dealing with shoe odor. This formula comes in a fogger form that goes right to work destroying odors in not only shoes, but also in athletic gear, gym bags, and even lockers. It’s a formula that won’t discolor fabrics, leave behind a film or residue, or cause harm to mesh, leather, suede, or canvas.

Because this product’s nozzle concentrates the spray, the inside of the shoes gets the full dose that knocks out odors quickly and efficiently. It’s a product that does a good job of providing the user with a long term shoe odor solution, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money either. Anyone looking to keep their shoes, athletic gear or gym bags smelling their best, and they want to make sure they do it on a budget, then they’re probably going to want to give this product a try.


  • This product works well.
  • It’s an inexpensive shoe deodorizing option.

  • It can irritate bare skin.

A Guide To Shoe Deodorizers

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best shoe deodorizers—many of them in different categories—it’s time for us to write a guide on the subject. We wanted to write a guide that will inform the consumer what they should look for when searching for deodorizer, and what ingredients they should avoid. But we wanted to do more than just give a list of ingredients that either work or don’t work. We also wanted to inform the consumer about what type of shoe deodorizer is best for their needs.

Let’s face facts, some people do better with a shoe powder, while other people may need a deodorizing satchel. So we researched the subject thoroughly, and put it together with the information we learned from reviewing shoe deodorizers, and this guide was born. We sincerely hope it informs everyone who reads it and allows them to make the best decision possible when choosing a deodorizer for their shoes.

Decide On A Type Of Shoe Deodorizer

Anyone who has bothered to go over our top picks for shoe deodorizers will notice the one thing all of them have in common, and that’s the fact that none of them have anything in common. There are powder deodorizers, liquid spray deodorizers, deodorizing satchels and even children shoe deodorizers. The one the consumer needs is going to depend on what they expect from the product and how they intend on using it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common types of shoe deodorizers, so we can do just that.

Shoe Deodorizer Powders

One of the most common types of deodorizers for shoes is shoe powders. These products are designed to target the fungi and bacteria that cause shoe odors directly. They usually do this using a compound such as zinc oxide, which destroys bacteria and fungi on contact. Because of the way they work, powder not only deals with the odor, but they also tend to sanitize the shoe as well. And they’re also easy to use and will begin to work as soon as they’re sprinkled into the shoe.

Liquid Deodorizing Sprays

Liquid shoe deodorizers are becoming increasingly popular. Although they tend to not be as effective as most powders, they do usually have the advantage of being made with more natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients that are usually found in these types of sprays include botanicals and essential oils. When buying these products, the consumer should read the label carefully because some products only cover up foot odor, while others kill the bacteria that cause the odor.

Shoe Deodorizer Pouches

These products work a little bit slower than either powders or liquids, so most of the time they’re used for the prevention of shoe odors instead of actively dealing with an active case of shoe odor. These products work by the consumer placing the pouch into their shoes and leaving it overnight. The product then uses charcoal, herbs or some other type of deodorizer and absorbs odors. These types of shoe deodorizers don’t work quickly, but the pouches usually provide a year or more of service before they have to be replaced.

Aerosol Deodorizer Sprays

Aerosol sprays were once the go-to shoe deodorizing product. That’s because it was a product that was effective, inexpensive and easy-to-use. However, some people have begun to move away from these products because they’re sometimes made with harmful chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation. Whether the consumer wants to use them is up to them, of course, but it’s our opinion that there are many better options available to the average consumer.

Effective Natural Ingredients For Eliminating Shoe Odor

Now that we’ve covered some of the major types of shoe deodorizers, we thought that we’d change things up a bit and talk about some of the ingredients that do a great job of eliminating foot and/or shoe odor. Not everyone realizes it, but there are a whole variety of different botanicals and other natural ingredients that do a great job of killing bacteria, fungi and ultimately, foot odor. Anyone who finds any of the following ingredients in their shoe deodorizer can rest assured that they will keep their shoes smelling nice for a long time.

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Citrus Ingredients
  • Arrowroot Powder

Shoe Deodorizer Ingredients To Avoid

And finally, there are also quite a few ingredients that the consumer is going to want to make sure doesn’t end up in their shoe deodorizer. Before we conclude this guide, let’s list some of these harmful ingredients so all of our readers can do their best to avoid them.

  • BPA
  • Phthalates
  • Aluminum

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