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Best Zero Drop Running Shoes in 2020 – Reviewed

It wasn’t that long ago that many runners hadn’t even heard of zero drop shoes and now they’re all the rage. What are zero drop shoes, you ask? These are shoes that have a zero-degree angle between the person’s toes and their heel. This makes the foot level and basically gives the runner the same feel as if they were running barefoot. We wanted to find out the hype and also find out which ones were the best zero drop running shoes, so we reviewed quite a few of them and discovered for ourselves what makes these shoes so great.

Quick Summary of Zero Drop Running Shoes

 Editor’s Choice 
Whitin Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Weweya Barefoot Minimalist Shoes  (review)

 Also Consider 
Evglow Men’s Minimalist Trail Running Shoes  (review)


Whitin Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes

 Editor’s Choice 

As we begin our review, we would like to start by saying how nice these shoes look. Although we’ve looked over a ton of different zero drop running shoes during this whole process, we don’t think that we’ve seen any that looked as nice as these shoes do.

These shoes have their style and are available in a lot of unique color combinations. The shoes are available in the following exciting colors including black, blue, green, grey, and black/red. This allows each runner to choose a shoe that fits their style.

Another thing that we’d like to point out is that these are some well-made shoes. They have a zero drop, of course, from heel to the toe, which gives the runner a more natural stride during runs. It’s also a product that’s made according to vegan principles, and that means that they say that they’ve made these shoes with no animal products once so over. They’re also made with a minimalist construction that doesn’t have a lot of frills to it. This has allowed the manufacturer to concentrate exclusively on the shoes’ design.

If there was one con about these shoes it was the fact that they take a few moments to get used to wearing. Not only is the zero drop a different experience for most people who have never tried these types of shoes, but they also seem to have a toe box that’s a little bit larger than we had expected. This makes wearing the shoe feel extremely weird for a while, at least until the person gets used to them.

Once this initial period is over, however, we do feel that these shoes feel great and are extremely comfortable. After trying these shoes, it’s easy to see why so many people love zero drop shoes and swear that they’re the best shoes they’ve ever worn. We certainly see the appeal of them and love the way that these shoes feel. And needless to say, these are probably the best zero drop shoes of all of the ones we looked at.


  • These shoes seem durable.
  • They are comfortable to wear.

  • They take some time to get used to wearing.

Weweya Barefoot Minimalist Shoes

 Also Recommended 

Even though people should never conflate minimalist shoes with zero drop shoes, because they’re usually two different types of shoes, we do have to say that these shoes manage to incorporate the best of both worlds into their design. They’re not made with a lot of frills, have a true zero-drop design, and the manufacturers have obviously focused more on comfort and utility more than style. This is why this is one of the best running zero drop shoes that we’ve found and ones that we’d highly recommend.

Let’s begin this review by stating that these shoes have a rubber sole that absorbs ground impacts well, a five-finger wide toe design that gives the wearer the toe space they need as their stride changes and a breathable memory arch that helps to reduce arch pain and makes the shoes much more comfortable. It’s also very much worth mentioning that these shoes are non-slip, which allows the runner to get the traction they need for better workouts.

Although we do feel that these shoes seem to run a bit small, making them a bit tight when they’re first worn, they are comfortable once they’re broken in. They have an elastic lacing system and a lightly padded tongue that doesn’t get in the way or become uncomfortable as the wearer runs. These shoes are also available in one of several different colors including black, army green, red, grey, and blue.

These shoes aren’t the most stylish shoes we’ve seen, but that’s not the reason people are wearing them, so we won’t knock any points off for that fact. Instead, we’ll say that these comfortable shoes allow the person to feel the ground better than some of the ordinary running shoes currently available in stores or online. Taking all of its features together, we have to say that a lot of runners are probably going to be extremely happy using these shoes. We also think that they’re good shoes for people who have to stand on their feet.


  • They are a very minimalist shoe.
  • They are very comfortable and durable.

  • These shoes seem to run a bit small.

Evglow Men’s Minimalist Trail Running Shoes

 Also Consider 

For our review of these zero drop running shoes from Evglow, we’re going to start with the obvious. These shoes are nice looking shoes that are very affordable and are probably the best zero drop running shoes that can be bought on a budget. They also happen to be some very nice looking shoes and they’re available in one of several different colors including blue, black, white, and grey. It’s no wonder that there are quite a few budget-minded runners who enjoy wearing these shoes.

Like all zero drop shoes, these shoes provide a barefoot feeling that takes a bit of getting used to but does give the runner a feel of the ground that no other shoe is capable of doing. These shoes are also equipped with non-slip outsoles that provide great grip and help to keep the runner on their feet.

Another thing that we liked about these shoes was that the toes were reinforced, which helps to protect the runner’s feet against rocks and other road debris, as well as stubborn desk corners. These shoes also had a nifty elastic draw-string band and a wide toe box design.

And because these shoes are easy to get on and off, runners can throw them on as they head out the door. Although we didn’t feel the velcro strap provided the tightness it was designed to deliver, we do otherwise believe that these are great shoes. They might not be able to rival the features and durability of many of the high-end zero drop shoes available, but they’re a good budget option.


  • These shoes have a wide toe box.
  • They are very comfortable and durable.

  • The velcro strap could’ve been better designed.

A Guide To Zero Drop Running Shoes

The three zero drop running shoes are the ones that we consider the best and believe us when we say that we’ve looked through a whole lot of shoes. As a way for us to show our work, and to help runners find their own zero drop shoes, we’ve decided to go ahead and write this guide on the subject as well. We’re hoping that this guide will help all runners and anyone else who is interested in this shoe type to look for the features that suit them the best. Having said that, let’s get this guide started.

Why Buy Zero Drop Shoes?

Before we begin discussing some of the features that consumers might want to consider when shopping for zero drop shoes, we thought that we’d start this guide with an explanation of why these shoes have become so popular and why more people should wear them. And that’s quite easy to explain.

The main benefit of these shoes is that they keep the heel and the toe aligned. This is in contrast to regular running shoes that have an elevated heel. Why is having an elevated heel bad? Because it throws off the spine’s alignment and this can cause all kinds of running and posture problems. Since the forefoot and heel are flat in a zero drop shoe, the runner has a better posture and their feet hit the ground at the mid-foot. This is better for the back and promotes a healthier gait.

How To Purchase The Best Zero Drop Running Shoes

Now that we’ve gone ahead and explained the importance of these shoes, it’s time to move on to the features the consumer should search for when buying a new pair of them. Although different runners will have different needs when buying shoes, there are a few things that all shoes have in common that differentiate the good shoes from the bad ones. Let’s take a look at a few features and find out which ones are important for the consumer to consider.

Choosing Between Cushioned Or Minimalist Shoes

One of the first things the runner is going to want to consider is whether they want to go with a zero drop shoe that has a minimalist design or one that’s cushioned. Although this is largely a matter of the runner’s personal preference, there is a difference between these two types. Minimal shoes are better for a runner who likes to do intense speed workouts or need to run as fast as they can. Cushioned shoes, on the other hand, are for runners who prioritize the number of miles they run over the speed of their run. Minimalist is for speed, cushioned is for distance.

Consider The Thickness Of The Sole

The next thing to think about is the thickness of the sole. Some runners like a thinner sole because they feel like it allows them to feel the ground better, and other runners like a thicker sole because they need the extra impact resistance and protection against gravel, rocks and other things that could harm their feet. As a result, we can’t say which is better because it’s up to the runner to decide for themselves. It is something that’s important to consider before buying a pair of shoes, however.

Consider The Shoe’s Toe Box 

The runner is also going to want to think about the toe box of the shoe. Generally speaking, most runners prefer a wide toe-box that allows their foot to flex while their running and gives them to length and width to do so without their toes rubbing together. Since every runner’s foot is different, they are going to have to decide for themselves just how much toe-box space they need while they’re running.

Consider The Shoe’s Upper

The upper portion of the shoe is just as important as the heel or the saddle of the shoe, but unfortunately, it’s one area that’s often overlooked. Most running shoes manufactured these days have a synthetic material for its upper construction that provides the top of the foot the support it needs. When considering the shoe’s uppers, the runner should make sure that their shaped like their foot and won’t bind or chafe at key points on the foot.

But Don’t Forget About The Style

Although the toe box, the shoe’s uppers and the sole are important parts of the shoe, that doesn’t mean that the runner has to forgo style altogether. Runners should feel free to find a pair of shoes that fits their style and is in a color that they like. If the consumer purchases shoes they like as well as feel good, then they’re going to be extremely happy with them.

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