Race-Day Directions to Start Line

The relay will begin at the American Airlines Center and the adjacent Victory Park area located approximately one mile northwest of downtown Dallas. There are three options to get to Victory Park at the American Airlines Center on race day:

  1. Drive and Park at American Airlines Center Parking Lots ($5)
    There are more than 8,400 parking spaces adjacent to the American Airlines Center, but please to arrive early so that you have time to navigate around streets that are closed at the start/finish line. Parking lots open at 5 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m. The price for parking is $5 for all lots. Overnight parking and “in and out” privileges are not permitted. Click here for directions to the American Airlines Center. Download a printable parking map.Race-Day Directions to Start Line
  2. Shuttle Bus from Hyatt Regency Dallas (free/hotel guests only)
    Bus shuttle service from the Hyatt Regency Dallas to the start line area will run every 15 minutes from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. and return runners back to the hotel from Noon to 2:30 p.m.
  3. Riding DART Rail ($3.00) **highly recommended**
    For persons living in Dallas, riding DART Rail to the American Airlines Center is recommended. To reach the American Airlines Center via light rail, take either the red or blue line to the West End Station and change trains to ride to the American Airlines Center. For more details, click here. When you arrive at your station, purchase a “Local Day Pass” ($3.00/cash only) from a ticket vending machine, good for round-trip service all day. Want help to figure out the most convenient route? Call DART at 214-979-1111. They’re the experts and are more than happy to help!!!

Race Information

Full Marathon – 8:00 a.m.
5-Person Relay – 8:00 a.m.
Corporate Relay – 8:00 a.m.
Half Marathon – 8:00 a.m.
Mayor’s 5K Fun Run and Walk – Saturday, December 12

One of the best marathons in the nation and the premier running event in Dallas, the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Presented by NexBank is the only Texas marathon located in a big city with easy access, transportation and plenty of hotel rooms that also offers the beauty of a 10-mile loop around the scenic White Rock Lake – a scenic oasis rivaling Central Park! All race-day events begin and end in Victory Park at the American Airlines Center near downtown Dallas.

 Registration Capped at 20,000 – Register Early!

This year’s registration will be capped at 20,000 total participants. This total includes all marathon, half and relay participants. Based on ongoing registration numbers this year, we anticipate reaching this total. To ensure your registration for the marathon, half or releay, we recommend that you REGISTER EARLY!

Race Beneficiary

The primary beneficiary of the event is Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children – one of the nation’s leading pediatric centers for the treatment of orthopedic conditions and learning disorders, such as dyslexia.


The MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Presented by NexBank would like to thank all of the following sponsors who contribute to our efforts with monetary sponsorship, manpower donation, in-kind donation and lots of moral support! Thank you all for helping us make this year the biggest and best Rock ever!



Special Thanks
The following people played a HUGE part in planning and execution of the 2009 event. Please take time to shake their hand and thank them as you see them this winter.
Chairman, Board of Trustees Phil Baker
Race Director Marcus Grunewald
Relay Director Nancy Creuzot
Aid Stations Heather Waloski, Kristina Coffee
Course Entertainment Roj Foster
Post Race Party Kristen McGee, Anya Mailandt
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Course Logistics Francey Beall, Two Men & A Truck
Finish Line Timing RunOn!
Volunteers Janet Smith, For The Love Of the Lake
Timers Rollie Stevens, John Vandeven
Radio Operators Bob Jones
Relay and Shuttle Bus Management Terry Allen, Dallas County REACT
Course Coning Gary Wright
Assistant Medical Director Bill Borowski
Medical Staff Dr. Robert Fowler

Race Results

Certified Results Requests

Certified results will be sent to the Boston Marathon. Any special request for providing results to other events should be made in writing to:

Dallas White Rock Marathon
10500 Metric Drive, Suite 112
Dallas, TX 75243

Race Results

2019 Race Results

Standard Results – All Events
Graphical Results via RunPix – Marathon and Half Marathon
Mayor’s Race Results

2018 Race Results

Standard Results – All Events
Graphical Results via RunPix – Marathon and Half Marathon
Mayor’s Race Results
Results Book

2009 Race Results

Standard Results – All Events
Graphical Results via RunPix – Marathon and Half Marathon
Mayor’s Race Results
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2008 Race Results

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2007 Race Results

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2006 Race Results

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1971 Race Results

Marathon Pace Teams by Clif

The MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Presented by NexBank is honored to feature Clif Bar Pace Teams as part of the marathon race. The Clif Bar Pace Teams promise to provide fun and excitement for both first time and experienced marathoners looking to reach their running goals – whether that’s a personal best or just getting across the finish line.

Marathon Pace Teams by Clif

Clif Bar Pace Teams will provide Pacers for the following finish times: 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 5:00, and 5:30.Please use the following link to learn more about the Clif Bar Pace Teams: Clif Bar Pace Team Information. Already know you want to join a pace team, then click the following link to sign up: Clif Bar Pace Team Registration. And by the way, when cruising the course, don’t forget to look for the Clif Shot Energy Zone at mile 19.

General Course Information and Maps

Both the marathon and half marathon courses are under final development. We plan to retain between 80% to 85% of the existing marathon course while adding in a few more attractions along the way such as running through the Dallas Arts District. The course will go through the hip Uptown area, along majestic Turtle Creek, through prestigious Highland Park, the M Streets, around White Rock Lake and down historic Swiss Avenue. The Half Marathon course will be completely new and will be as fun to run if not more so than the old course.

As soon as the final courses have been approved by the various city departments that provide permission we will post the courses on our web site. An announcement will be sent out once the courses are final. In the meantime you can preview a draft of our proposed marathon course –

Junior Race Directors

Meet our Junior Race Directors from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Each year, a Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) patient serves as the Junior Race Director, representing the thousands of children treated at the hospital each year. In this role, the Junior Race Director helps participants and sponsors understand how TSRHC benefits from the support of friends like the marathon. The Junior Race Director takes part in race-day festivities by officially counting down the start of the race, offering pre-race words of encouragement to participants as well as meeting and greeting spectators and race finishers.


Ryanne – 2010

Ryanne Carr, age 7 of Mineola, Texas, captivates everyone she meets with her exuberant nature and confidence to try new things. Faced with adversity since birth, Ryanne was adopted from Kazakhstan in the former Soviet Union in 2005 at the young age of 2, at which time she became a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Born with a condition called amniotic band syndrome, which constricts the growth of extremities including arms, legs and fingers, Ryanne is a double amputee and is missing part of her right arm. As part of the orthopedic care that she receives at TSRHC, the hospital provides Ryanne with prosthetic limbs, which allow her to do the things she loves.

She participates in competitive sports and especially loves to run and race in her racing wheelchair. Along with her recent gold medals in track and field events, Ryanne is particularly proud of her archery accomplishments as she uses her teeth to draw back and shoot. She hopes to one day compete in archery for the Paralympics.

She enjoys spending time and playing with her siblings—brother Nikolas, 10, and sisters Haydn, 9, and Rina, 4, who were also adopted from Kazakhstan. The Carr family was recently in the spotlight when they received a new home as part of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition television show.

Ryanne is a shining example of determination and self-confidence. She is excited to serve as Junior Race Director as a way to give back to the hospital for her medical care and numerous prostheses the hospital has provided.


Robert – 2009

Robert of Plano, Texas, has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children since he was 7 weeks old. He was born with developmental dysplasia (DDH) of his right hip, or an abnormal hip socket formation. When Robert was 6 months old, he was placed in a soft, fabric brace, in an attempt to help keep his hip from being dislocated. A short 5 months later and to help correct his hip further, Robert underwent surgery at TSRHC. He spent the next two months in a hip spica cast, used to immobilize the hips and that usually extends from the mid-chest down to below the knee. At age 5, Robert underwent his second surgery and was again placed in a hip spica cast. During his recovery, Robert re-learned how to walk with the help of physical therapists. Now pain free and walking independently, Robert excels in sports. He plays baseball and golf and enjoys running and swimming. According to his family, Robert has a special name for his affected right hip calling it his “power bionic hip.” His exuberant, happy-go-lucky nature perfectly compliments his love for acting and the arts. He plays the piano, is a fan of Pokémon and loves “American Idol.”


Morgan – 2008

Morgan, of McKinney, Texas, has been a patient at TSRHC since August 2003. She receives treatment at the hospital for idiopathic scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and had surgery at TSRHC to correct her curve in September of that same year. Morgan, a star forward-center on her school’s basketball team, is active in basketball and travels around the country playing competitively with her team. She hopes to get a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. Aside from playing basketball and attending school, Morgan loves to cook and spend time with her friends.


Jaclynne – 2007

Jac, a Frisco, Texas, resident, has been treated for scoliosis since March 2007 and wears a brace to assist in preventing the curve of her spine. Jac has participated in cheerleading since age 5 and recently was chosen to cheer at her school. Jac is a huge fan of TSRHC, as the doctors have encouraged her to continue cheering despite her scoliosis. She also cheers competitively, plays the piano and performed in a stage production of the hit movie Disney’s “High School Musical,” through the drama department at her school. View Jac’s Fundraising Page in support of TSRHC.


Kelsey – 2006

Rowlett, Texas, resident Kelsey Andrews has been a patient at TSRHC since she was 3 weeks old. Kelsey wears a prosthesis on her right leg and is treated in the hospital’s prosthetics clinic. She is a successful student and enjoys student council and acting. Kelsey loves the doctors at TSRHC and appreciates their encouragement to overcome challenges in her life. Kelsey has an incredibly positive attitude and motivates others to approach hardships with a positive attitude, as it makes life more fun. She believes that her prosthesis is one way God made her special.


Jordyn – 2005

Jordyn has been a patient at TSRHC since age 5, when her left leg was amputated due to cancer. The hospital has fitted her with numerous prosthetic legs imprinted with designs or “tattoos,” such as flowers, peace signs and smiley faces. Jordyn’s favorite activities include cheerleading, swimming, t-ball, volleyball, gymnastics, theater and volunteering. Even with a demanding schedule, she is on her school’s academic honor roll. Jordyn’s fun-loving personality, love for sports and compassion for the hospital and fellow patients make her an outstanding representative of TSRHC.


Cody – 2004

Born with a condition called sacral agenesis, Cody’s legs were missing the tibias and knees. After several visits with physicians at TSRHC, Tina and Mike McCasland decided to have a portion of their son’s legs amputated, in the hopes that he would be able to walk with prostheses. Cody underwent amputation surgery in January 2003 at 15 months old, and by March 2003, he was fitted with his first prostheses and was walking with assistance. Cody loves to laugh, and he continues to amaze everyone, as he completed his first 5K at age 5 in the summer of 2007. With his great spirit, can-do attitude and award-winning smile, Cody captures the heart of all and surely will be a star athlete. View Cody’s Fundraising Page in support of TSRHC.

For more information about Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, please visit www.tsrhc.org or call (214) 559-5000 or (800) 421-1121.

LEGAL NOTICE: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) is the intended beneficiary of proceeds raised from the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon, and in such capacity, TSRHC has provided this Website with certain of its marks and copyrighted materials (including without limitation photographs) for limited use on this Website for charitable purposes related to TSRHC only. In no event shall TSRHC be liable or responsible for the use, operation, content and performance of this Website and any content contained on this Website and/or the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon. The use of any TSRHC name, marks and copyrighted materials in any advertising, publicity or in any other commercial manner is expressly prohibited without the express written consent of TSRHC.

Weekend Events Expo

An Expanded Two-Day Expo – Shop, Learn and Enjoy!

Before you Run the Rock, SHOP the Health & Fitness Expo! If you are looking for one of the largest gathering of sports fitness experts, nutrition and training products, and running enthusiasts in the Southwest, join us at the Health & Fitness Expo. With over 100 vendors and more than 35,000 people expected to attend, the Expo has something for everyone! Admission is free and open to the community!

Health & Fitness Expo

Date/Time: Friday, December 11, 2009 – 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, December 12, 2009 – 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
(Please note later start time this year for Friday.)
Location: Dallas Convention Center – Hall C
650 S. Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202

Click for PDF map of downtown Dallas
Click here for PDF of DCC Parking areas
Click here for DCC Floor Plan – Hall C is on middle level

Parking: If you are driving to the expo, please note that there is street-meter parking (parking meter fees/coins required) near the Convention Center as well as garage or surface parking (parking fee of $10 will be charged for official Convention Center parking).
For Hyatt Guests: A bus will be available for transport guests to and from the Expo from the marathon host hotel – the Hyatt Regency Dallas – SATURDAY ONLY
Light Rail: Dallas Area Rapid Transit rail schedules available on the DART website.

Recycling at the Expo

Clif Bar and Co. is proud to be the official recycling partner of the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Presented by Nexbank. We aim to reduce the environmental foot print at the Dallas White Rock Marathon by recycling as much waste as possible. You can help the environment by using the recycling bins positioned throughout the Expo.

Packet Pickup at Expo Required

There is ABSOLUTELY NO Race-Day Packet Pickup!
There is no packet pickup or registration on race day. All packets must be picked up at the Expo. Packets will not be mailed to participants. Late registration for the marathon only will also be available at the Expo.


Expo Exhibitors

2010 U.S. Census
3M Half Marathon & Relay
AAA Texas
American Laser Centers
America’s Run
Anthony Travel Inc.
Athletes Honey Milk
Austin Marathon
Bandeau-Ni the all-sport headband!
Bath Fitter
Baylor Heart & Vascular Hospital
Baylor SportsCare
BeeCause Charms
Bondi Band
Broadview Security –
The Next Generation of Brink’s Home Security
Cabot Creamery Cooperative
Chevron Houston Marathon
Clif Bar & Co.
Community Coffee
Competitor Group
Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
Dallas Running Club
Dick Beardsley Foundation
Evolv Health
Exercise Express
Fit For Sport
Fond Memories Graphics, Inc.
Gecco Marketing
GG Quad
Good Gear
Green Mountain Energy
Gypsy Runner
Heels and Hills
High Beam Promotions
Hold On Girls!
Hughlett Chiropractic
Inside Texas Running
Inwood Chiropractic Center
KT Tape
Lane Four Swim Shop
Larabar Cascadian Farm
Lasting Commemoratives
Lifespeed Sports
Little Rock Marathon
Lone Star Relays
Luke’s Locker
Marathon Charms
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition
Mellew Productions
Monroe Products
National Running Center
Nature’s Best
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon
Polar Electro, Inc
Power Balance
Precision Sport Eyewear
Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)
Rock Shop
Route 66 Marathon
Run On!
Selkin Laser Center
Sensational Sheets
Sewell Automotive Companies
Snickers Marathon Bar
SOMA by Seiko
Southern Journeys
Sport Hooks & More
Sports Central Supply
Spring Valley Wellness Center
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Team In Training
Team Nuts
Team World Vision
Texas Center for Foot and Ankle Surgery
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
The Cowtown
The Shoe Bank
TheStick.com / RPI of Atlanta
University of Phoenix
UT Southwestern – Sports Medicine
Vega by Sequel Naturals
yurtopia: yurbuds earbud enhancers
Your Eyes

MetroPCS Dallas Registration

The MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Presented by NexBank race weekend is set for Friday-Sunday, December 10-12. Running events during race weekend are listed below. Registration for events will begin on June 1.

Need to Check Your Registration Status?
Not sure if you’ve already registered or which event you registered for? Here’s a link where you can check your status. Check my registration…

Registration Capped at 20,000
This year’s registration has been capped at 20,000 total participants. Register early to ensure your participation.

Please note that there are no refunds in case you are unable to participate for any reason.

VIP Registration

We’ve added a new registration package for 2009: VIP marathon and half marathon registration. VIP registration is open to everyone and rewards with registrant with fantastic race benefits and commemorative gear. VIP registration is limited to 50 each for the marathon and half marathon and is filling quickly! Pricing for VIP packages is listed under “2009 Event Fees” below.

The package includes:
• Race entry fee
• Special packet pickup area
• VIP race bib
• New Balance runners backpack
• New Balance heart monitor watch
• New Balance DWRM tech shirt
• VIP Pass/Post-Race Reception
• DWRM VIP hat
• Reserved parking at race start
• 2009 race poster

Online Registration Deadline
Marathon, Half Marathon, 5-Person Relay and Corporate Relay Registration Registration Closed 11/29
Mayor’s 5K Registration Closed 12/8
Pasta Dinner* Registration Closed 11/29
Race Poster Registration Closed 11/29
* Advance ticket purchase recommended. This event is a definite sell out every year!
Event Fees
May 31
Thru Aug 31
Thru Sep 30
Thru Oct 31
Nov 29
At Expo
Dec 11-12*
Half Marathon
Five-Person Relay
VIP Marathon
VIP Half Marathon
Pasta Dinner
$20 per person
Race Poster
$15 per poster
Included in registration event fees: event shirt and medal for each participant, including one shirt and medal for each member of relay teams.
* Note: Registration is capped at 20,000 this year. There will be no late Expo registration for any event if event cap is reached prior to the Expo.