Important Chip Instructions

Chip Technology

The events will be timed using Champion Chip chip technology. A “chip” is is a miniature transponder in a specially designed plastic housing. It is attached to the runner’s shoelace and contains data that identifies each runner individually. The chip allows us to register your time when you cross mats that recognize your chip and record information.

Pick Up and Test Your Chip at the Expo

You will need to pick up your chip at packet pickup during the Marathon Fitness Expo. There is no chip pickup on race day. Be sure your chip works by testing it after you pick it up. There will be a special table-top mat set up at the Expo over which you can pass your chip to make sure it is recognized and that it is assigned to you. Times CAN NOT be adjusted after the race due to chip error, so it is imperative that you test your chip at the Expo.

Important Chip Instructions

Timing Requirements

Your time will be recorded as you pass a start mat, finish mat, halfway mat and two other mats at undisclosed locations (relay runners see special instructions below). All award winners must have a time recorded at all five mat locations. Age group award times will be based on your chip time. The only exception is that the top ten overall male and female will be determined by clock time. After the race, volunteers will remove the chip from your shoe before you leave the exit chute area. Runners not returning their chips at the finish line will be assessed a $30 fee.

Relay Team Chip Instructions

The chip should be worn by the person running the last leg of the relay, in other words, the team member that crosses the finish line. Your chip time will only be registered at the finish line. After the race, volunteers will remove the chip from your shoe before you leave the exit chute area. Failure to turn in the timing chip disqualifies your team and results in a $30.00 charge.

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