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Best Calf Compression Sleeves in 2020 – Reviewed

Calf compression sleeves are a critically important piece of equipment for not only runners but anyone physically active regularly. Not only can these pieces of equipment be used to help improve circulation and loosen muscles and can also be used to speed muscle recovery after running. And that’s only a fraction of the uses for these sleeves. They’re such a useful piece of equipment we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to review some of the best models that runners can currently buy. Below are some of the models that we’ve reviewed and would like to introduce to all of our readers.

Quick Summary of Calf Compression Sleeves

 Editor’s Choice 
Rymora Unisex Calf Compression Sleeves  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Run Forever Sports Runner’s Compression Sleeves  (review)

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Crucial Compression Unisex Calf Sleeves  (review)


Rymora Unisex Calf Compression Sleeves

 Editor’s Choice 

No one likes to have to deal with calf pain–particularly, runners who want to be able to keep running through minor leg pain. Unfortunately, too many runners are sidelined by muscle tightness or sprains, shin splints, and Achilles tendentious. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Although these calf compression sleeves aren’t a panacea for all problems that might affect a runner’s legs, it can deal with some of the more common problems and leg pain.

Designed from the ground up to provide the runner with the calf compression he or she needs, these sleeves provide instant support and will help the runner deal with minor calf pain. These sleeves provide anywhere from 18-25mmHg compression and that amount of compression will help to reduce swelling and inflammation and improve blood circulation. This level of compression is also good for runners who frequently have to deal with cramps in their calves or from leg fatigue.

Not only do these sleeves help the runner with leg pain and blood circulation, but they also can help with recovery after a run. These sleeves can also help muscles get rid of built-up lactic acid and this can improve muscle recovery. Better muscle recovery means that the runner can be back out on the road quicker than if they hadn’t used the sleeve in the first place.

These sleeves are unisex, so they can be used by both men and women, and they are available in a variety of colors. Colors that include black, blue, fluorescent yellow, pink, purple, grey, or white. These sleeves are available in small sizes that handle a 10.5 to 12.5-inch calf up to 2XL that’s designed for calves 21 to 25-inches in diameter.

All of these features, as well as its high-quality construction, makes these sleeves some of the best ones currently available. They’re designed to help runners control pain, recover from workouts and get back out on their runs as quickly as possible.


  • These sleeves are reasonably priced.
  • These sleeves fit very well.
  • They provide great compression.

  • Runners with shorter legs may have to adjust them to fit.

Run Forever Sports Runner’s Compression Sleeves

 Also Recommended 

These compression knee sleeves are designed for everyday use and they’re made from high-quality materials. They’re available in small sizes for calves 10 to 13-inches, medium sizes for 12 to 15-inch calves, large sizes for 14 to 17-inch calves and x-large for 16 to 19-inch calves. They also provide 15 to 20mmHg of pressure, which is useful for leg pain, alleviating swelling, and aiding in muscle recovery.

These sleeves can be used for warm-ups, cooldowns, or use while running. They will help ease the pain of shin splints and give the runner extra support when they need it the most. This helps to increase the runner’s performance and shorten their recovery times. Even though these sleeves can be a little difficult to put on, they do provide professional-grade compression that’s sure to help the runner every time they use it.

Another thing we like about these sleeves is that they’re made to hold up to frequent use and won’t end up failing the runner when they need it the most. Unlike cheap knock-off sleeves, these sleeves will provide the runner with years of service. It’s even backed by a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer, so runners can purchase these sleeves without worrying about whether or not they’re going to hold up.

These sleeves are also available in one of several different colors. Runners can buy these sleeves in black, red, purple, blue, orange, pink, white, beige, neon green, and neon yellow. This company even makes a compression sleeve with the stars and bars of the American flag.

Some of the other features that can be found on these sleeves include 4-way stretch, non-slip cuffs, graduated compression, and a slim cut fit. And although these sleeves aren’t as inexpensive as some other models, they are still priced very reasonably. All good reasons for runners or other athletes to give these calf compression sleeves a try.


  • They fit as expected.
  • They’re available in several different colors.

  • They can sometimes be difficult to put on.

Crucial Compression Unisex Calf Sleeves

 Also Consider 

Even though we would consider these compression sleeves to fall within the budget sleeve category, we still believe that they’re some of the best calf compression sleeves in their price range. These sleeves are designed to be durable, to provide the runner or other athlete with the compression they need, and to be easy to put on. Although we did find that sometimes they sleeve tended to pill up after heavy physical activities, they are otherwise a great product.

These sleeves can be worn by both men and women, provide a good amount of compression without being too tight, and are made with a long-lasting construction that allows them to hold up to frequent use well. They’re double stitched and are made from high-quality materials. These sleeves are available in a Small/Medium size for 11 to 15-inch calves, or L/XL size for 15 to 19-inch calves. They’re also available in one of two different colors: pink or black.

What are some of the ways that consumers can use these sleeves? They can use them for shin-splint pain and leg cramp relief, to reduce leg soreness and swelling, and to speed up muscle recovery after intense workouts. They’re also good for reducing fatigue, preventing blood clots after surgery and varicose veins. They also make great gifts for athletic friends and family or anyone who needs additional calf support.

Another thing that we like about these sleeves is that they’re soft on the skin and won’t cause skin irritation or rubbing like some lesser quality sleeves. All of these are reasons enough for us to recommend these sleeves to any runner or athlete who needs a bit of leg support and needs a sleeve that will provide the compression they need. These are compression sleeves we predict many runners are going to enjoy using.


  • They’re an inexpensive compression sleeve option.
  • They provide a good amount of compression.

  • Sometimes these sleeves can pill up.

A Guide To Calf Compression Sleeves

Calf compression sleeves are important pieces of equipment that can be useful to not only runners and other athletes but is also good for anyone who needs reliable leg compression for dealing with leg pain, swelling or other conditions where compression is useful. To help our readers figure out which compression sleeves are the best for them, we’ve decided to write this guide.

What Are Some Uses For Compression Sleeves?

Before we talk about how runners and other athletes can purchase the best compression sleeves for their needs, we’d like to talk about some of the things that these sleeves can be used for. Although the following isn’t an exhaustive list of all of the uses for these sleeves, it is a list that should enlighten consumers to just how useful these sleeves are.

  • Protect Against Scrapes And Scratches
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Help With Muscle Recovery
  • Help To Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Help To Reduce Calf Pain
  • Help To Loosen Muscles

How To Buy The Best Calf Compression Sleeve

Now that we’ve dispensed with some of the uses for these sleeves, it’s time to turn our attention and expertise towards buying the best calf compression sleeves available. Although all runners and athletes are unique and different from one another, they do share some of the same needs as far as these sleeves are concerned. As a result, we can give them a few tips that will help them make an educated decision when purchasing a new calf sleeve.

Step One: Purchase The Right Size

The first thing the runner or athlete is going to want to do when purchasing a new calf sleeve is to make sure that they purchase one that’s the right size for their needs. They can do this by using a tape measure and measuring across the thickest portion of the calf. They can then take this number and purchase the sleeve that’s right for them.

As a general rule, calf sleeves are sized in ranges, so the consumer should choose the range that works best for them. If they want their sleeve to be a little tighter, they should choose a sleeve that’s at the low-end of their measurement, and if they need one a little looser, then they should choose one that’s close to the top range of their measurement.

Step Two: Consider The Fabric

The next thing the athlete is going to want to consider is the sleeve’s construction. If they’re purchasing a sleeve for shin-splints or other medical conditions, then they should make sure that they purchase a sleeve made from medical grade materials that provide the compression level they need. If they’re looking for a sleeve that’s used for more general blood flow issues, then they may want to make sure that the sleeve has moisture-wicking and/or antimicrobial properties that help prevent them from becoming funky during workouts.

Step Three: Consider Compression Levels

The next thing that the consumer may want to consider is the compression level of their calf sleeves. Generally, athletes will need a different compression level than someone using the sleeve for some medical conditions, so consumers should pay close attention to this section of this guide. Below are some of the more common compression levels that consumers can expect to see while shopping. Let’s take a closer look at them and see which compression levels may be right for our readers.


Compression sleeves with this compression level are only designed to help control minor swelling or to provide relief from sore legs.


This compression level is designed for varicose veins and moderate swelling or aching. It’s also good for preventing deep vein thrombosis.


This compression level is used for mild to moderate conditions. That allows them to provide relief from edemas, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis.


This compression level is designed to provide relief from severe edemas or varicose veins.


This is the highest compression level available and should only be used by people who have it prescribed by their doctor.  They’re usually prescribed for severe vascular or thrombosis problems.

Step Four: Consider Style & Color

Of course, the runner is not only going to want to choose a durable, well-made compression sleeve that provides them with the correct level of compression, but they will also most likely want to buy one that looks good, too.  This isn’t too difficult considering that these sleeves come in a variety of styles and colors, so consumers should purchase the ones they feel most comfortable wearing.

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