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Best Compression Leggings in 2020 – Reviewed

Compression leggings were used first by medical professionals to prevent varicose veins from advancing further into the later stages of deep vein thrombosis, but now they’re also used in the gym for workouts or yoga sessions. These leggings come in a variety of different styles including full-foot leggings, footless, and flared leg leggings. These leggings are also available in a variety of different fabric blends, so it can be difficult sometimes for the consumer to find the one that works best for them. At least that was the case until we reviewed the best compression leggings available. A list that all of our readers can use to find the leggings that work for them.

Quick Summary of Compression Leggings

 Editor’s Choice 
Compression-Z High-Waisted Compression Pants  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Leggings  (review)

 Also Consider 
Active Research Women’s Compression Tights  (review)


Compression-Z High-Waisted Compression Pants

 Editor’s Choice 

With so many compression legging brands available, it can be difficult for the consumer to sort the best ones from the ones that are inferior in quality and performance. Fortunately, when consumers buy these leggings they don’t have to worry because these are the best ones available. Sure, these leggings do cost more than some of the inferior models available in discount stores all over the world, but we feel that they are more than worth it for anyone looking for a good looking pair of leggings that provide ample compression.

Compression Z has taken the comments and suggestions of their faithful customers and have used them to improve their product over the last few years. The result is compression gear that can be used as shapewear, to help avoid muscle strain or for joint support. These leggings can also be used for deep vein thrombosis issues, to improve recovery time from strains and muscle pulls, and to reduce the inflammation and swelling common after a hard workout.

These leggings are made of a blend of approximately 73% polyester and 23% spandex. This allows them to provide a tremendous amount of compression, but not so much that they’re uncomfortable for wearing in the gym. Their durable fabric is opaque, so the consumer doesn’t have to worry about light shining through it while the wearer is bending or stretching. And probably the best thing of all about these compression leggings is that they retain their fit, even after multiple washing cycles, so consumers don’t have to worry about them stretching out.

These leggings are available in sizes from X-small through X-large, so consumers can most certainly find the size that best fits their body. They also come in an assortment of different colors, so consumers can express their style. Some of the colors these leggings can be found in include black, galaxy red, tangled black on white, carbon heather, camo, pink, tangled white on black, brick, blue flowers, and blue camo.


  • These leggings are the best quality ones available.
  • They provide firm but comfortable pressure.
  • These leggings help to shape the body.

  • They cost more than lower-quality leggings.

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Leggings

 Also Recommended 

Upon reviewing these leggings for the first time, several different things jumped out at us. The first thing that we noticed was that the material used to make these legging was very stretchy and very soft. They were made with a blend of 88% nylon and 12% spandex, which allowed them to provide the compression that most people look for when they purchase compression leggings and also make them very comfortable—regardless of whether they’re used in the gym or for merely lounging around the home.

These leggings provide a 4-way stretch and an opaque fabric that won’t let the light shine through when the user bends, stretches or pushes the leggings to their max. This makes them useful not only for working out in the home but also for working out at the gym or the yoga studio. These leggings are equipped with a high-rise and a waistband that cinches to the body closely—sometimes, too closely for some people. We didn’t find the waistband to be too tight, but it was certainly tighter than some of the other leggings we’ve reviewed.

Some of the things we liked about these leggings were the small details the manufacturer put into them. For example, they used flat seams that helped to prevent chafing during workouts and they also equipped them with side pockets on each side. These pockets are good for keeping smartphones, keys, credit cards, or just about anything else they wearer wants to keep close to them while they’re working out.

We would also like to mention that these compression leggings are also extremely stylish and come in a variety of different colors. Some of the colors of these leggings include black, blue, marble, and charcoal grey. It also should be mentioned that some of the leggings available not only have side pockets but also inner pockets too. It just depends on which ones the consumer chooses.


  • These leggings provide a good amount of compression.
  • They come in beautiful colors.
  • The material is very soft and comfortable.

  • The waistband might be too tight for some people.

Active Research Women’s Compression Tights

 Also Consider 

These compression leggings provide a good amount of compression, are comfortable and look good, so why aren’t they in the number one position on our list? Well, there are two main reasons why these leggings were edged out by the other leggings on our list. For one, it does cost more than some of the other leggings we’ve come across, and two, they are only available in black. Although these might not be a big deal to some people, they were just enough to lower them on our list.

With that being said, we do like just about everything else about these leggings. They are made out of a material that breaths well, isn’t prone to bacteria or odor build-up, and is comfortable enough to wear all day long. They also provide a good amount of compression and do it without strangling the life out of the wearer. They’re made out of 73% polyester and 27% spandex, which gives just the right amount of compression for everyday use or workouts.

Another thing that we like about these leggings is that they’re properly designed so that they don’t itch, rub or cause chafing. They also don’t pinch the waist or cut off circulation to the lower extremities. All of this makes them a good pair of leggings for workouts or yoga sessions.

These are compression leggings that do a good job of providing the support the wearer needs for arthritis, hip pain, sprains, shin splints, and other such conditions. All things considered, these leggings are going to be good for some consumers who don’t mind the lack of colors or the increased price tag but simply want a high-quality product.


  • These leggings provide excellent compression.
  • They are opaque and don’t allow light through.
  • They are very comfortable to wear during workouts.

  • They cost more than other compression leggings.
  • They’re only available in black.

A Guide To Compression Leggings

Even though we’re confident that our readers can choose any of the three compression leggings that we’ve reviewed and be happy with their fit and performance, we do understand that some of our readers may want to look for something a bit different than what we’ve offered. Having said that, we’ve written this guide so all of our readers will have the information they need to purchase the best compression leggings for their needs.

What Benefits Do Compression Leggings Convey?

Before we talk about some of the things the consumer might want to think about before purchasing their next pair of compression leggings, we should probably cover some of the benefits these leggings offer the wearer. Although some people will want to wear compression leggings only because they like their style or fit, most people will probably want to purchase a pair if one of the following conditions apply to them.

  • Improve Circulation And Blood Flow
  • Reduce Inflammation And Muscle Soreness Post-Workout
  • Reduce Workout and Injury Recovery Time
  • Making the Wearer Look Slimmer And More Fit
  • Allowing Moisture To Be Quickly Wicked From The Skin
  • Provide Compression For Tendonitis or Arthritis

Purchasing The Best Compression Leggings

Okay, now we’re going to get right to the heart of this guide and talk about some of the things that consumers might want to consider before purchasing their next pair of compression leggings. Although the consumer doesn’t have to consider any of the following points, they may want to so they can ensure they get a pair that fits and suits them well.

Consider The Legging’s Size

Of course, the first thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is the size of the leggings. They will want to make sure that they measure their waist and leg length to find a pair of leggings that will fit as they expect them to fit. Some people like to buy compression leggings that are a size smaller than what their measurements dictate they should wear so that they get a tighter fit, and other people choose a size bigger because they want less compression. However, we recommend that consumers stay true to their actual size at first until they are fully aware of how these leggings fit.

Consider Whether They’re Opaque

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is whether or not the running tights are opaque. Opaque tights allow the runner or athlete to move as they need to move, but do it without the material becoming sheer. This helps to prevent embarrassing moments in the gym or out on the running trail, so needless to say, it’s important to consider.

Let’s Talk About Legging Pockets

Another important feature that may (or may not) be found on compression leggings are pockets. For some people, pockets are important so they can store their keys, cash, credit or debit cards, or even their smartphone while they’re running or working out. For other people, however, it’s not a feature that they need. If the consumer falls into the former category, then they might want to look for compression pants that either has pockets on the side and/or have an inner pocket that can be used for storing identification or cash.

Think About The Leggings Construction

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to think about how the leggings are constructed. Since leggings are manufactured by dozens upon dozens of different manufacturers, there is quite a difference in how the materials are assembled. Some companies do a good job of paying attention to the small details and others simply assemble the materials and don’t think too much about the materials used or how they put them together.

The consumer is going to want to make sure their leggings are made of a combination of polyester and spandex. That allows the leggings to provide the compression the consumer needs and also allows the legging to breathe and wick away moisture. Another thing that the consumer should think about is whether the leggings have flattened seams. Flattened seams don’t chafe or cause the irritation that normal seams tend to do, and they help to keep the wearer more comfortable during workouts.

Let’s Not Forget About Style And Price

The consumer is also going to want to purchase a pair of compression leggings that look good and are priced in their budget. After all, no one is going to be happy with their leggings if they don’t think they look good or if they overpaid for them, so consumers should make sure that they keep these two things in mind.

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