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Best Running Shirts in 2020 – Reviewed

Even though many runners will use a standard T-shirt for running, the fact of the matter is that many of these shirts aren’t designed for heavy physical activities such as running. Some of them don’t allow air to pass through them, and others tend to chafe the runner’s skin. That’s why more and more runners are switching from basic T-shirts to shirts made specifically for running.

As we began to look for shirts to review, we’ve found quite a few of them that we liked immensely, so we decided to try them out and see what they had to offer. What was the result? The result is the following list of the best running shirts currently available. Hopefully, the following shirts will convince the runners who haven’t made the switch to change their minds.

Quick Summary of Running Shirts

 Editor’s Choice 
Baleaf Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Reebok Women’s Legend Running T-Shirt  (review)

 Also Consider 
Nike Men’s Legend Dri-Fit Shirts  (review)


Baleaf Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts

 Editor’s Choice 

Anyone who spends any amount of time wearing these shirts from BALEAF will immediately understand why we’ve placed them at the top of our list. It’s because these shirts are hands-down the best running shirts that a person can currently buy. Sure, their long sleeve design might not make them suitable for wearing during the hot summer months, but they can easily be worn just about any other time of the years. And believe us when we say that most people are going to enjoy these T-shirts.

What makes these shirts so special? Well, it all begins with how they’re made. These shirts are made with a combination of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, so they’re soft and allow air to pass through to the user’s skin. It’s this breathability that helps to keep the runner comfortable even through long runs. This material also does an amazing job of wicking moisture away from the skin, and that helps to keep the runner nice and dry.

Another thing that’s worth discussing is that these shirts are made with an extra-long hem that offers a little bit of extra coverage–something that ordinary T-shirts aren’t capable of doing very well. These shirts are also available with reflective tapes and logos, so the runner can be seen better while they’re running in low-light conditions. These shirts are also available in a wide assortment of different colors including forest green, red, heather grey, dark green, silver, slate grey, and a lot of other different colors.

We should also take a few moments to say that these are some nice looking shirts that are available for a very reasonable price. These shirts also fit very well, unlike some of the other running shirts that we previously tried. Taking all of these features into consideration, it should be quite clear to anyone reading this review why these shirts are so great for runners and other athletes.


  • They’re very comfortable and durable.
  • They fit very well.
  • They come in a nice assortment of colors.

  • They’re not suitable for warmer weather.

Reebok Women’s Legend Running T-Shirt

 Also Recommended 

These active-wear T-shirts from Reebok are designed to durable, soft and comfortable no matter what activity a woman is engaged in. It doesn’t matter if she’s running, cycling or doing any other physical activity. These shirts are made from a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so they’re not only designed to keep up with the wearer but is also designed to flex with her every movement. And these shirts’ flat seams don’t chafe the wearer like the seams in other T-shirts tend to do.

Because these shirts are made from a blend of polyester and spandex, they also provide the added benefit of wicking sweat away from the wearer’s skin. This keeps the wearer as dry as possible as she goes about her workout routine. This material is also lighter than many of the other running shirts available, and this quality makes these shirts very breezy. It’s a shirt that the runner is going to want to wear on hot summer days or for intense workouts.

There are so many things we like about these shirts that it can be hard to put them all in one review, but even the best of shirts isn’t without its flaws, and the one flaw this shirt has is that it might be too long for some women. In our opinion, we didn’t think it was too long, but it is longer than the other T-shirts we’ve reviewed, and some people might not like this about them. With that being said, however, we still think that these shirts are pretty good.

It’s also worth noting that these T-shirts come in an assortment of fine colors. Some of the colors that runners can buy include black heather, pink heather, sea fog, black, purple heather, fuchsia heather, blue heather, and chinois green. With an assortment of colors like that, no runner should have any problems finding one that fits their style.


  • These shirts are comfortable and durable.
  • They’re available in an assortment of colors.

  • They might be too long for some people.

Nike Men’s Legend Dri-Fit Shirts

 Also Consider 

Although we can’t say that we’ve been pleased with all of the products by Nike, but we can honestly say that we liked these T-shirts. We liked them because they had a nice style to them, were comfortable to wear and were available in an assortment of colors. These shirts are available in grey, black, cardinal red, maroon, orange, matte silver, navy, purple, royal, orange, cinder, gold, and Columbia blue. A fine assortment of colors that should fit just about anyone’s style.

These shirts aren’t just about style, however. They’re durable as well. They’re made from 100% polyester that’s capable of wicking sweat off the surface of the wearer’s skin and holds up quite well to even hardcore workout routines. These shirts are also designed with a streamlined fit and a crew neck that doesn’t exert pressure on the neck. And as is always the case with Nike products, these shirts are designed with the Nike Swoosh on the left portion of the chest.

Another thing that we liked about these shirts was that they didn’t become soaked during heavy workouts. Cotton T-shirts tend to hold on to sweat and hold them against the skin, which can make it very uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, since this Dri-Fit T-shirt is made from polyester, it doesn’t have that drawback. While wearing these T-shirts, the runner doesn’t have to worry about wringing out their shirt after they’ve run 5-miles.

Keeping all of this in mind, it should be easy for most of our readers to see why we’ve decided to recommend these runner’s shirts. They’re quality shirts that are comfortable, wick away moisture, and hold up well to active workouts. They’re also shirts that allow the wearer’s skin to breathe, so they don’t overheat while running on hot days. In essence, these are quality shirts that any runner would be proud to wear.


  • These shirts are durable and comfortable.
  • These shirts are available in an assortment of colors.

  • These shirts are a bit expensive.

A Guide To Buying Running Shirts

Even though we believe that all of the shirts that we’ve selected are the best running shirts available, we understand that some readers might want to scout out T-shirts for themselves and only need the information to do that properly. That’s why we’ve decided that a guide on how to buy a running shirt would be useful to most of our readers. This is a guide that will give all of our readers the information they need to make an informed decision when purchasing a running shirt.

Step One: Choose A Fabric

The first step to choosing a great running shirt is to find one with the right fabric. Although we wouldn’t be so presumptuous to tell all of our readers that they have to all buy running shirts made out of a material, it does seem most of the best shirts are made with similar materials. Below are some of the materials most often used in these shirts. Let’s take a closer look at them.


One of the main materials used to make running shirts is polyester. That’s because this material is extremely durable, it holds its shape very well, and it allows the skin to breathe. It also has the uncanny property of wicking moisture away from the skin, and this helps to keep the runner nice and dry. As it pulls the moisture from the skin, however, it doesn’t hold onto it the way that cotton does and this allows it to dry out quickly. Although some people don’t like polyester because it’s a chemical that’s derived from petroleum products or oils, it is probably the best choice for a running shirt.

Merino Wool

Another material that’s used for running shirts is Merino wool. The main benefit of using this material is that it’s all-natural, it wicks away moisture, and it holds on to warmth. One of the drawbacks of this material is that it’s not suitable for hotter weather and some people find it to be too itchy to wear.


Any runner who is thinking of using a cotton T-shirt might want to reconsider that decision. Although cotton is a very comfortable material and allows air to pass through, it also holds onto moisture. This can leave the runner with a matted mass of fabric against their fabric as they’re running. Cotton is alright for running shirts when it’s blended with mostly polyester, but wearing a 100% cotton shirt for running is just not advisable.

Step Two: Consider The Seams

How the seams come together in a T-shirt can make a noticeable difference to the runner. Below are some of the more common seams used in running shirts. Some of the following seams are better than others in ensuring that the shirt is as comfortable as possible. Let’s take a closer look at these seams so our readers can determine which ones are best for them.

Flat Lock Seams

This is one of the most low-profile seams that can be found on a T-shirt and is formed with two pieces of fabric that are sewn together in a way that allows them to lie flat and without a major overlap of the two materials. This keeps the two pieces from rubbing against the wearer’s skin.

Over-Lock Seams

These seams don’t lie as flat as Flat-Lock seams, and as a result, they can rub the wearer while they’re being active. Unfortunately, a lot of regular T-shirts use this type of seams, and that’s why regular T-shirts aren’t suitable for running.

Taped Seams

These are seams that are glued or taped together. Although these are comfortable on the user’s skin because there are no seams at all to rub, they’re not the most durable. That’s why most runners are going to want to think twice about buying a running shirt made with a taped seam.

Step Three: Additional Features To Consider

Before purchasing a running shirt, there are a few more things that the runner might want to think about before they settle on their next shirt. The following features can be seen on some of the best running shirts available and either improve their performance or their comfort level. As a result, the consumer might want to think about them the next time they purchase a shirt. Let’s take a quick look at these features before we bring this guide to its logical conclusion.

  • Reflective Elements For Night Running
  • Raglan Sleeves For Added Comfort
  • Longer Back Hems For Added Coverage
  • Ergonomic Seams That Extend Range Of Motion

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