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Best Sweatpants For Women in 2020 – Reviewed

Regardless of whether you’re lounging around the house, or need to get in an active workout, you’re probably going to want to purchase the best sweatpants for women available. A pair that fits well, is comfortable and moves in the way that you expect them to move. Although there are dozens upon dozens of different sweatpants available, only a few of them meet those criteria. We know, because we’ve reviewed some of the best ones, so we could introduce them to all of our readers. Now that we’ve said that, let’s jump right in and talk about the sweatpants we’ve found, as well as how to buy your next pair.

Quick Summary of Sweatpants For Women

 Editor’s Choice 
Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Sweatpants  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Legging’s Depot Women’s Jogger Sweatpants  (review)

 Also Consider 
Weintee Women’s Capri Joggers  (review)


Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Sweatpants

 Editor’s Choice 

Baleaf is a company that we’re familiar with as we’ve reviewed some products from this company, and in every instance, we’ve found that they make great quality products that people tend to love. These women’s sweatpants aren’t an exception to that rule either. These sweatpants for women are designed to give the wearer everything they expect them to deliver. Yes, they’re a little bit more expensive than some of the other women’s sweatpants we’ve reviewed, but in our opinion, they’re more than worth it.

First of all, let’s talk about how these sweatpants feel and wear. They’re made out of thick cotton that allows the wearer’s skin to breathe through intense workouts, is very comfortable to wear, and is thick enough so that it doesn’t become sheer while being stretched out. Speaking of stretch, these sweatpants are capable of providing the wearer with a 4-way stretch. This means that the fabric is capable of stretching in any direction the wearer needs them to stretch.

These sweatpants are available in a wide variety of different sizes, too, so consumers can choose one that fits their bodies perfectly. These are sweatpants that offer low-friction performance and have an elastic waistband and adjustable draw-cord that allows for a custom fit. They’re also equipped with large side pockets and a back patch for added convenience. It’s also worth mentioning that they have slightly tapered ankles that can be slouched or worn long.

Before we conclude this review, we probably should mention that these sweatpants provide more to the wearer than comfort and performance. They also contribute to the wearer’s style by being available in one of seventeen vibrant colors. Consumers can purchase these sweatpants in coffee, grey, charcoal, purple heather, Lapis blue, light blue, rose red, navy blue, army green, spray green, navy heather, light pink, or misted yellow.


  • They offer the wearer 4-way stretch.
  • They’re thick enough to not be opaque.
  • They’re available in one of seventeen different colors.

  • These sweatpants cost more than some other ones

Legging’s Depot Women’s Jogger Sweatpants

 Also Recommended 

We have to admit that our initial attraction to these sweatpants was that they were inexpensive. They were a fraction of the cost of some of the other sweatpants we’ve reviewed, which our pocketbooks appreciated greatly. As such, we were expecting these pants to be of inferior quality—just a cheap pair of sweatpants for women made for lounging around the home. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at all. We soon discovered these pants provided most of what we’re looking for in a pair of sweatpants.

Although they were a little bit thinner than we like our sweatpants to be, we do have to say that they stretch well and do so without becoming see-through in the process. That makes them suitable for jogging, yoga or any other workout routine available. They’re soft and buttery to the touch and are a great pair of sweatpants for the wearer to lounge around the home as well. Although they might not be as baggy as some people would like because they’re more of a form-fitted sweatpant than a baggy one.

Another thing we’d like to mention about these pants is that they’re equipped with a high-waistband that holds them in place. This helps to prevent them from saggy and helps make them more comfortable as well. They’re pants that are made from a combination of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so they move with the wearer quite well. And because these pants are available in a wide assortment of different sizes, just about anyone can find a pair that’s suitable for them.

These sweatpants are very nice looking and quite stylish, too. They come in one of forty different colors that allow the wearer to wear a different color for every day of the month if they so desire. Some of the colors that women will find these sweatpants in include red, white, yellow, brown, burgundy, fuchsia, lime, navy, seafoam, dark yellow, kelly green, mint, mocha, or black. That’s only a selection of the colors available, but gives the consumer a good idea of the variety of colors these sweatpants are available.


  • These sweatpants are very inexpensive.
  • They’re available in an assortment of different colors.
  • They’re very comfortable to wear.

  • These jogging pants are a little bit thin.

Weintee Women’s Capri Joggers

 Also Consider 

Another pair of sweatpants that were were smitten with when we reviewed them was this pair from Weintee. These are Capri-style sweatpants for women that come with a very reasonable price tag and has some good features that many women are going to love to put on. These sweatpants are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so they’re stretchy, lightweight, and above all, very comfortable. Although the bottom cuffs are a little looser for women under 5’6″ then we would’ve liked, they were otherwise a great pair of sweatpants.

These sweatpants feature ribbed cuffs and an elastic waistband that do a good job of keeping them in place and giving the wearer they fit they need. They’re also equipped with two front patch pockets, and these pockets give the wearer the space they need for storing cash, credit cards, their keys or even a smartphone. And another thing that we liked about these pants was that they were equipped with a reinforced crotch area that’s designed to not split—even under duress.

Since we mentioned that these sweatpants were available in an assortment of different colors, we probably should talk about some of these colors. At the time of this review, we noticed that these sweatpants for women were available in dark steel blue, light grey, army green, dim grey, brown, granite heather, dark slate blue, navy, red, and of course, black.

Although that might not be the widest selection of colors we’ve seen, it is wide enough to give most consumers the color variety they crave. Anyone wearing these quality sweatpants should have no problem exhibiting their style.


  • These pants are inexpensive.
  • They are extremely comfortable.
  • They come in some nice colors.

  • The bottom cuffs might are loose for women under 5’6″.

A Guide To Buying Sweatpants For Women

We could’ve reviewed the best sweatpants for women and left it at that, but we knew that our readers wanted not only a list of recommendations of what to buy, but they also wanted some practical advice. As a result, we’ve whipped up this informative guide so that all of our readers have the information they need to purchase a great pair of sweatpants.

Choose Your Sweatpant’s Material

The first step to choosing a great pair of women’s sweatpants is choosing the right material. Although most joggers are made from a combination of several different materials, the joggers are usually mostly made from one primary material that’s blended with another material. For example, it’s not unusual for joggers to be made of a polyester/spandex blend that’s both durable and flexible. Let’s take a quick look at some of the materials used to make sweatpants and how they affect the overall construction.


One of the materials that can be commonly found in women’s sweatpants is cotton. This material is one of the softest materials available and is also one of the most breathable. It’s a good fabric for wearing during the hotter summer months, but can also be easily worn during the winter months if they’re one of the ones that are thick. However, it should be noted that since cotton absorbs and holds on to moisture, this material can wick away body heat when the wearer sweats in them a lot.


Polyester is another material that consumers might want to consider. It’s more rigid than cotton, but it’s also more durable and doesn’t tend to hold onto moisture. In fact, this material actually wicks moisture away from the wearer’s skin, which helps to keep them nice and dry during workouts. Polyester also tends to hold its shape better than cotton, and that’s why it’s so often used in workout sweatpants.


Spandex is almost never used as a primary material because it’s not very durable. However, it can be seen in a variety of blends. That’s because spandex is used to add a stretchiness to the pants. That’s why you often seen a 5% to 15% blend of spandex added to yoga pants or other pants that need to stretch with the wearer’s movements.

Consider Sweatpant Size

Of course, one of the most important things the consumer can do to make sure that their pants fit correctly is to choose the right size. And that requires the consumer to accurately measure their waist to determine which size fits them the best.

Choose The Fit Of The Sweatpants

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is the fit of the sweatpants. Although there a variety of sub-categories for sweatpants, the two main categories are Slim Fit and Baggy Fit. Since each of these jogger varieties has a significant impact on the functioning of the pants, we thought that we’d cover them briefly before moving on. Let’s take a look at these two main categories and see how their design impacts performance.

Slim Fit

Slim fit sweatpants are designed to be form-fitting and as a result, are often the types of sweatpants that consumers wear outside of the home. These are the types of sweatpants that are designed more for running errands than wearing to the gym.

Baggy Fit

Baggy fit sweatpants allow for greater movement than slim-fit sweatpants, and as a result, are better for yoga, working out or other activities. They’re also great for lounging around the home as well. These pants allow air to circulate the person’s legs and lower body and help to keep them dry and cool.

Consider The Waistband, Drawstring, And Cuffs

The next thing that the wearer is going to want to think about is the waistband and cuffs of the sweatpants. There are a variety of waistbands available that help the wearer achieve the look they want. There are slim waistbands, fold-over waistbands, and a variety of other waistbands available. Cuffs are also an important consideration and the consumer should determine whether they want a tighter fitting cuff or a loose cuff.

And the consumer is also going to want to think about whether they need a drawstring or not. Although there is no right or wrong answer to this problem, a drawstring does allow the wearer to customize the fit of their sweatpants. Of course, if the consumer has already done their due diligence and has selected the correct size, then they probably don’t even need a drawstring at all.

Consider The Color

Probably the least important thing for the consumer to think about is the color of the sweatpants, but that doesn’t mean that they should just grab whatever color’s available. Choosing the right color can make you a lot happier about your sweat pants choice, so choose a color that reflects your personality and style the best.

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