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Best Socks For Sweaty Feet in 2020 – Reviewed

Sweaty feet are not only an embarrassing condition that can lead to increased foot odor, but it is also a condition that can have other detrimental effects on the runner’s feet. Sweat buildup can break down the skin and lead to chafing, blisters, and other unpleasant side effects. Therefore, the runner needs to do everything in their power to prevent sweat from being held against their feet. And one way to do that is by buying the best socks for sweaty feet and changing them regularly. We’ve reviewed some of the socks that runners might want to consider to keep their feet dry and in good condition.

Quick Summary of Socks For Sweaty Feet

 Editor’s Choice 
Inboots Men’s Moisture-Wicking Extra Heavy Socks  (review)

 Also Recommended 
Under Armour Adult Charged Cotton Crew Socks  (review)

 Also Consider 
Dickies Women’s Dritech Moisture-Wicking Crew Socks  (review)


Inboots Men’s Moisture-Wicking Extra Heavy Socks

 Editor’s Choice 

There are no socks that are capable of preventing feet from sweating, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t socks that help to deal with that particular situation. Take these socks, for instance. They’re designed to be moisture-resistant, so they don’t get soggy and they’re also designed to wick the wearer’s sweat away from their skin. This results in them not only being more comfortable but also helps keep their feet fresh under just about any conditions imaginable.

These socks are made with a blend of 52% cotton, 45% polyester, and 3% spandex. These three materials work together to keep the wearer’s feet comfortable and dry. Cotton is a material that breathes well, so air is properly circulating around the feet. This helps sweat to naturally airdry off of the foot. Polyester is a material that wicks away moisture away from the foot, so it’s not kept against the skin for long periods. And finally, spandex is a material that allows the sock to stretch easily–making it more comfortable on long days.

Another thing that makes these socks more comfortable than many of the other brands found online or in department stores is that the bottom of the sock is knit with thicker yarns. This not only makes the socks more comfortable and allows them to wick sweat away from the foot’s sole, but also makes it more durable. That makes these socks some of the most durable socks currently available, which makes them especially well suited for runners and athletes.

If these socks had one downside, it’s simply the fact that they’re a little more expensive than other brands. Of course, they cost more because they’re made with higher quality materials and are stitched together with a reinforced heel and toe, but it is worth mentioning. While keeping this in mind, however, the consumer should also keep in mind that although these socks cost a little more, they more likely to last a little bit longer than just about any sock available.


  • They keep feet dry all day long.
  • They’re made with a reinforced heel and toe.

  • They cost more than other types of socks.

Under Armour Adult Charged Cotton Crew Socks

 Also Recommended 

Anyone who has to deal with sweaty feet knows that most cotton socks end up getting soggy and this causes some serious foot problems. Fortunately, these socks are resistant to that problem. They’re made with not just cotton but with a blend of materials that helps the socks wick sweat away from the foot and allow it to evaporate. These socks dry quicker than other socks, so people can go about their daily lives without having to worry about foot wetness or odor.

These socks are made from a combination of 76% cotton, 22% polyester, and 2% spandex. The cotton makes the socks soft and allows air to reach the wearer’s feet for proper air circulation. The polyester adds to the sock’s durability and helps to wick sweat away from the foot so it can evaporate, and spandex makes the socks stretchy. All three of these materials work together well to create socks that are a cut above most of the socks manufactured nowadays.

If there was one complaint that we could have about these socks, it’s that they’re a little constrictive around the calves. Although we didn’t have any problems with the way that they gripped the calf, some people may think that it’s a bit too constrictive. Since we’re unsure whether a person feels that the socks are made to stay up well or are too constrictive around the top, we’ve decided to add it to our review so our readers can decide for themselves.

These socks are just great at wicking away moisture, however. They also do a fine job of reducing foot fatigue. They’re capable of accomplishing these tasks because they’re made with a dynamic arch that helps to reduce the wearer’s foot fatigue. It’s also equipped with a Y-heel pocket that helps the socks fit better than most comparable socks. Other features found on these socks include an anti-odor technology that helps to prevent sock odors and a strategic cushion that adds comfort without flexibility.


  • They help to keep feet dry.
  • They are very comfortable.

  • They can be a bit tight around the calf for some people.

Dickies Women’s Dritech Moisture-Wicking Crew Socks

 Also Consider 

One of the first things that we’d like to say about these socks is that they’re some nice looking socks. They’re available in an assortment of different colors including black, grey, black dotted, grey heathered, and tribal. They’re also very stylish and would look good on just about anyone’s feet. Of course, that’s not the only great thing about these socks, otherwise, they wouldn’t have made it onto our list. No, these socks also do an amazing job of keeping the wearer’s feet dry no matter how physically active they are.

These socks are made of a combination of 96% polyesters, 2% spandex, and 2% rubber, and although that does look like a strange combination, it comes together nicely to make some of the best socks for sweaty feet available. The polyester breathes very nicely, and allows for proper airflow around the foot, and also does a good job of wicking moisture away from the foot. The spandex gives the socks the flexibility they need for intense works and the rubber is supposed to add a bit of durability—although we do have to say these socks aren’t as durable as some of the others we’ve reviewed.

These socks are machine-washable and come with a reciprocated toe and heel that allows them to fit nicely and they have arch compression that helps the sock keep the foot stable. These socks are although rather inexpensive, so just about anyone can afford a set of them. As we said, they’re not as durable as more expensive socks, but we do think that they’re still a good deal. We also think they do an amazing job of keeping the wearer’s foot dry and comfortable.


  • These socks are comfortable.
  • These socks keep feet nice and dry.

  • They’re not as durable as comparable sock brands.

A Guide To Socks For Sweaty Feet

Although most people recommend wool socks for sweaty feet, we actually feel like that particular material isn’t the right one for this purpose. That’s because wool tends to get hot and that can cause the foot to sweat even more. Of course, a sock made out of 100% pure cotton isn’t a good idea either because cotton holds onto moisture and holds it against the foot. We knew that there had to be a compromise between these two materials, so we searched high and low for a combination of materials that did the best job of wicking away moisture and keeping the foot cool. And we think that we did a good job of finding socks that were capable of keeping sweaty feet dry.

During the course of our research, however, we did come to realize that not everyone may want to select a pair of socks from the three that we reviewed. Some people might want to search for their own socks, so we decided that we had better disclose the criteria we used to choose the best socks for sweaty feet that we did end up choosing. The result is this guide. A guide that should help anyone who is looking for a drier more comfortable sock to find what they need. Now that we’ve said that, let’s jump right into the thick of things and find out what people should consider when they’re searching for socks that can handle sweaty feet.

Consider The Sock’s Material

One of the first things that the consumer is going to want to consider is the material that the sock is made from. As we’ve stated earlier, both wool and cotton alone can be poor choices for feet. Although wool does tend to allow airflow, many people find it itchy to wear. Cotton also allows for proper airflow, but it also holds onto moisture extremely well and this can lead to the socks becoming waterlogged.

Our choice for socks is a combination of cotton and polyester. We feel this combination of materials does the best job of keeping the wearer’s feet dry. Cotton allows air to circulate over the feet, which helps foot sweat to evaporate. Polyester wicks moisture away from the cotton, and this keeps the cotton from becoming waterlogged. The result is a sock that breathes, is comfortable and doesn’t hold onto to moisture.

Of course, most manufacturers also add spandex to the mix to make the socks more flexible. Spandex by itself isn’t a good material because it’s too thin and doesn’t wick away moisture, but in small amounts, it does a good job of making the socks comfortable and better fitting.

Although we didn’t include any on our list, socks made with bamboo fiber are also becoming extremely popular. That’s because bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and they can hold moisture in the fiber’s cores better than cotton. This means that it will take quite a lot of sweat before the bamboo socks become too damp to be worn. Another property of these socks that make them great for individuals with sweaty feet is that they have thermal regulation properties that help with sweat evaporation and help to keep the person’s feet dry as well. And finally, bamboo fiber is a good choice because it has antimicrobial properties that protect against bacteria. In other words, they’re less likely to stink.

Construction Is Important, Too

While most guides on purchasing socks for people with sweaty feet concentrate exclusively on the material the socks are made of, construction is also an important consideration. Well-constructed socks don’t have stitches or seams that irritate the wearer’s skin or can be a place for sweat to collect. The consumer should look for socks that have more of a stitchless design and won’t irritate their feet.

Don’t Rely Exclusively On The Socks Alone

Although this guide is primarily to help the consumer buy the best socks for sweaty feet possible, there are some things the wearer can do to improve the effectiveness of the socks that they buy. Even the best socks can fail miserably if the wearer doesn’t take measures to keep their foot moisture down to a minimum. And it’s for that reason that we’ve decided to include the following tips.

  • Socks Should Be Swapped Out Daily
  • Foot Powders Can Be Used To Lessen Foot Moisture
  • Take Off Socks And Shoes Regularly To Allow Air To Reach The Foot
  • Feet Should Be Washed And Properly Toweled Off Daily

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